Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Natures Way !

"Accuse not Nature; she hath done her part;
Do thou but thine!"

  It is 6am, ( the time change makes me wake up very early) I  bring in two loads of wood ,and stack it in the basement. I move the tractor covered with frost.My Hero had brought it to the back door last night, and I thought before it rained ,or snowed I better bring the wood in. The nights have been very cold.

 I grab a quick breakfast, then go to check cows and give them some hay. This is when I see a cow off by herself. I go take a look and it is  #163 (this is number on her ear tag) we stopped naming most, when we started having forty calves a year.
 She gets up,  I see she looks like she has had her calf, it is to early, so I head to the bush to see if I can find out where she had it, and if it could be alive. We have a lot of bush, this took a hour and a half. I had not found anything.
 I come to the conclusion she must have had the calf, and since it was two months early, it had not survived.The coyotes had probably cleaned it up in the night ,without leaving a trace.
 Coyotes are very common here,  we have only had trouble a couple of times.I do not worry about this. I think it is natures way of cleaning up.Nature has always taken care of itself.
 If we start losing live calves, my thinking would change.That would mean we had a new bad bunch of coyotes, that has moved in.
 My experience has taught me, that there is always going to be coyotes, and they are territorial so, they will not let another family move in.If we kill the ones we are having no trouble with, meaning the ones that kill rodents, and groundhogs, and clean up after birthing cattle ; A new group of potentially vicious, killing ones will move in.
 It is very hard to convince some hunters, and farmers of this, but I know it to be true. Over thirty years of experience, has shown me the proof, and made me a believer.
 If we did get a group of bad ones, we would get hunters to come in, and hunt them, hoping we would get another good bunch.
 #163 is fine and she will rest for a few days.She may have been bumped by another cow, or for some unexplained reason she did not carry to term.

 I head back to the house, to vacuum, and clean. I find keeping up with everything ,is making me very tired. I hope I will get some sleep tonight, the time change is not helping.



  1. Hey Derrick, My Hero informed me I WAS wearing orange as I had not worn my coat. I guess you caught me trespassing.Funny. Sparky liked the bone.

  2. Glad the cow is ok.
    Your so right when you say to leave the coyotes that don't take "live"stock, it only invites trouble to kill them off.

  3. Iam seeking the picture of Ernst the 2nd. I was told there was a piture of him on here?? Hiyam by the way, your picture are absolutly beautiful. You have a wonderful talent


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