Thursday, November 25, 2010

Peace and Healing!

There is virtue in the open, there is
healing out of doors;
The great Physician makes his rounds
along the forests floors."
                                       Bliss Carmen

 I follow a red tailed hawk into the bush.Never quite getting a shot of him.He must be camera shy. Soaring just out of reach of the lens.

 Where is he leading me?

 Moments ago I had seen twenty turkeys, eating My Hero's new seeding, they were not very friendly.Now that I have the new camera, they were not going to give me the shot .Off they flew.
 This means no wildlife shots. This is what I seen in the bush. No disappointment here. I love this.

 The water is rippling over the stones,disappearing, down a hole under the trees. Lots of water after the rain.
 The only sounds are my breathing, and the water bouncing off the stones.   Peace.

  The wind is picking up; the trees bend and sway.
 The only sound being the whistling of the wind through the tree tops, and the cracking of branches as they crash together. Sometimes the whine as a tree bends to far.

 The swamp is a wondrous place. The dead, and decaying trees, standing waist deep, in the cold, cold water.
 Standing still, majestic and strong.The wind does not effect them.

 Making you use your imagination as to what you are seeing.


 The cattails, and reed grass blow in the wind. No sounds, just the whispering of the wind.
 This is truly a healing place.

 Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbours .Enjoy.


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