Saturday, November 6, 2010

Progress! Why?

           " Every why has a wherefore"
                                                    William Shakespeare

    The mailbox is a necessity in the country,the only way to get mail without the delivery would be to drive to a town.This for us would be at least a 20 min. drive.
 We have come a long way from the Pony Express.
 In the early to mid-1800s, an "express" meant a man riding a fast horse, carrying a small package or envelope with an important message. (This was the same service that we now call a "courier", except that the transportation then provided by a horse is now provided by a motor vehicle.) I would have loved to see this.  But, I would not liked to be living and  wearing all those layers of clothes the women had to wear.To much laundry and ironing.Oops back on topic.
 These days the only mail I seem to get are bills( which by the way they now charge $2. for a paper bill so that will change) and flyers. Flyers being the bulk of it.
 The internet has made writing letters very rare, and your bills are available online.We can do all our banking online so no need for statements. I really don't know what comes in the mail for most people.
 I do mail parcels to my girls at least I used to when they were in university and college and they always liked receiving them.It was always an unexpected surprise.
 It is always nice if you get a cheque in the mail but those days are gone, most people have direct deposit. "What does come in our mail"?
 I know Christmas cards, yes Christmas cards that is it. Oh wait now, I get a lot of E cards.Still some cards but very few.I do mail cards to far off  friends just for the personal touch.Stamps are expensive and there is a movement to have less waste of resources so cards are going to be out soon.
 Well this is harder then I thought, "Why do we have a mailbox"? I think the flyers are the only thing that we have coming regularly. Maybe I should just put the recycle box beside the mail box and save a step.
 I am really wondering why I have 4 mailboxes. One on the post out front, one in the barn as a spare,another one in the hen house as a spare, and the one on our scrap pile.
 You are probably wondering "Why the spares and the scrap pile?" Everyone in the country is familiar with this phenomenon. There is this 'SPORT' called mailbox bashing in the the middle of the night.It takes a couple or maybe just one car or truck full of bored teenagers . They have a bat or in our case a pipe and take all the frustrations of  their lives out on that poor old mailbox.
 The object is to drive down a back road while people are sleeping and smash the mailbox off of the post or at least flatten it. Keeping count and meeting up later to see who destroyed  the most mailboxes. Simple and easy to prove. Highest number wins.
   We have been lucky since the last mailbox athletes were caught and replaced ours. I am ready if they come again, hence the spares.
 I now know why we have the mailbox; for the athletes of this sport and for the flyers.
 I am not ready to give up my mailbox just yet because I am sure there is a purpose other then the two I listed. I will just have to remember what it is.
 I do so enjoy running out to it everyday and looking for whatever surprises it may bring. And they sure look nice when they are not all smashed.


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