Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day!

It is not the guns or armament
Or the money they can pay,
It's the close cooperation
That makes them win the day.
It is not the individual
Or the army as a whole,
But the everlasting teamwork
On every bloomin' soul.
                           J.Mason Knox

 My Grandfather served in WW1 as a teenage boy, and WW2 as a husband and  Father of four. I am very proud of him. Without his bravery and sacrifice this country and many others would not be the incredible free countries they are today. Many people owe their freedoms to these brave men and women.
 I am also proud of the families they left behind, while they were serving their country.
 My Dad would talk about the times while his Father was gone. Life was hard, watching his Father go off to a War you did not understand,never knowing when or if he would return.
 Dad took over the role of "Man of the house" a very big feat when you are only ten.
 My Grandmother longed for the man she loved, the Father of her children. She was very lonely and brave.
 Times were tough, money and food were scarce. My Grandmother worked hard along with her Mother to keep their family strong and safe.
 Always waiting for the few letters that came from a far off land she would never see. Waiting for her man to come home. Always worrying that he may not. The family had many struggles which made them grow up very fast.
 Memories of the good times and the bad. All the birthdays,Christmas's and important moments in a child's life without my Grandfather, never to be reclaimed.
 The War affected everyone, My Dad would carry this with him forever. My Grandfather was gone for five years, imagine that. We were very lucky he came back,one of the lucky ones. I loved my Grandfather and I am glad I got to know him.

 Let us never forget all the veterans who gave up their families,their jobs and the many more who gave their lives to keep us safe.
 Let us also never forget the families they left behind to cope without them.
 Thank you. I will never forget, neither will my children nor their children.


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