Monday, November 29, 2010


"He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities."

 The sun is just coming up.The sky is starting to turn a glowing pink. A few small black clouds, and the dark evergreen trees make a picture perfect morning.
 I see something scurry across the field.I grab the binoculars, in the shadows ,I think it is a coyote.No it is a  beautiful large red fox. I have not seen a fox, for a very long time. It was nice to see.
 It is a very frosty morning, everything glistens in the morning light.
 I miss looking out to see the cows in the morning.The only time I will see them now, is when  I go back to feed them in the mornings, and the night check for calves.
 It was a very busy weekend and I will take it easy today.Laundry is in, and that will be the big chore of the day.
 I will go spend time with my Mother, she will ask me about the bruises on my arm. I will tell her, as to not worry her, "I am not sure",knowing it was from hurling myself over that gate and landing flat on the ground.
 It will be nice to relax.


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  1. Foxes - very much a sore point down here. We used to be free of foxes, then one seem to appear or was perhaps seen along with evidence, so a Fox Taskforce was enforced to find the Fox/s. The government gives these this body of people lots of money and when the money begins to run out - someone see a fox -...think you might get my drift..:)

    Lovely description of your early mornint. Hope that bruise is not too bad....
    Love M xoxox


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