Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Sleepless Night and Gracie's Lane!

"Within his sober realm of leafless trees,
The russet year inhaled the dreamy air;
Like some tanned reaper in his hour of ease,
When all the fields are lying brown and bare."
                                    Thomas Buchanan Read

 It is two am. on Thursday. I have a busy day today but my Fibro is acting up.
I lie here thinking of the impending winter. I get up to get a hot pack, and  read to take my mind off of the pain.

  I remember my walk today going down Gracie's Lane.
 The weather is changing fast and the leaves have all but disappeared from the trees.It is quite a change from just a few weeks ago. The brilliant colours are gone only to replaced by shades of brown and gray.
 I used to love this time of year but now I find myself thinking of the winter and what it may bring. I still enjoy  walking in the bush during the warm days, but the nights get cold and the physical pain will not let up.
 I am not sure what the winter will bring but I am worrying I may not be in the bush very  much.
I love the bush it has always been a comforting place to me. It's solitude, and beauty embrace me like an old friend, always there when I am in need.Never turning me away.A tranquil place that is always in my thoughts.
 I am not sure what this winter will bring but I am sure I will not give up this sensual delight  without a fight.


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