Wednesday, November 17, 2010


" I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude."

 I am in the bush again. These days it is always where I seem to be. I am not complaining as you know I love the bush.
 There are a lot of things going on,off the farm, I am trying to juggle them with calving time.I look forward to the solitude of the bush.The outside world to me is sometimes very stressful, I am sure everyone feels this at  times. I am lucky enough to have an escape in my own back yard.

Some shadows, but still the light.

  In  reading over my post Drifting  I wonder why I always feel this need to run or escape.I have an escape route behind me in the bush. Yet I still have this pull when things seem to weigh on my mind, the need to run far away.
 I have many obligations and worries, at this time. Some thrust upon me and  some my own doing. Handling the Fibro just adds to this stress.The pressure sometimes seems over whelming, no ones fault just the way I seem to handle things.
 I rejoice at the thought of spending time in the bush .It has much to make me forget  the outside world. "Why would I run far away, when things are beautiful and calming there?" This is a question I will probably never be able to answer.

Things are always brighter on the path ahead.

 I will continue to explore my piece of heaven and try to forget the outside world if just for a moment of time.
 I do hope you have a special place that keeps you sane.

  B you are welcome to my bush, if only in your mind.Smile.
  To my sister A, you really need to come here. Life is an adventure.


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