Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Stone Crib?

"Necessity , the mother of invention."

 If you want to know something about the past;  go to someone who has lived it.This precious resource is there, you just have to use it .Thanks to my dear friend, your knowledge and memory amazes me, you are always teaching me something new.

 The stone crib! I have learned that these were made out of necessity.They dot the corners of most rocky fields in my part of the world.

Great corners.

I always thought that it was just where the farmer put the million(or so it seems) rocks or stones that always turn up after working the soil.

Always hard and very time consuming work, I assumed this was the easiest way to dispose of them.
It was not to far to travel and a great way to keep them contained.
The corner post.

 Well I was wrong but I was also right. They had a dual purpose.
Yes they held the rocks and stones from the field, they also were used on the corners of fence lines as an anchor for the fence post.

At  the time these were built,there was no way to put a corner post in  rocky ground.
 The farmer would build the stone crib on the rocky ground, anchor the fence post with rocks, and then fill with many more rocks.He would then use brace wire and twist from corner to corner to tie it altogether.

Old insulators make it more interesting.
 This was used for barbed wire and page wire fencing. It was also used as a corner anchor in a swampy field to support the fencing  and as the corner brace for gate posts used with a rail fence.
 Now with the invention of drilling machines, able to drill fast and cheap , they are now obsolete.

" I think this is genius."

The twisted brace wire across the top. #9 wire.


  I myself find looking through these piles of stones like a treasure hunt. Always a beauty to find.

I will continue to hunt through these stone cribs to find my little gems, knowing the real use for these pieces of history.
This is a nice one!



  1. What is more beautiful than stones?


  2. Just discovered this article after photographing several stone cribs yesterday! Thank you!


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