Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"For the man sound in body and serene in mind
there is no such thing as bad weather;
every sky has it's beauty,
and storms that whip the blood
 do but make it pulse more vigorously ."

                         George Gissing


 What a change! It is Tuesday at 12:00 pm, it has stopped raining.
 After I had hauled a load of wood in, then hiked through the bush to check the cows, in said rain, the sun came out, in all it's glory.
 Having my new camera in hand, alas I have no pics from the rainy morning. It seems my new camera batteries need to be charged. My old camera took AA batteries and I always had a extra pair with me.The new camera has a lithium battery. I am still getting used to the change.
 Since the sun came out, I decide to not make soup, or take that nap. You guessed it I will head to the bush, as soon as my battery is charged. I will make up for the lost morning.
 I hope to get some great pics.
 The weather is always changing fast.The weather man said our 13c day will be replaced by a -6c night.Quite the change.All this rain may turn to ice by the morning.
 It will be a mix of sunny days, cold nights, rain, and scattered flurries, for the next week.We will wait and see, I am sure no one really knows.
 Soon the snow will come. I look forward to this. A very nice person, gave me a pair of light weight snowshoes to try. I look forward to trying them in the bush.It will be fun.No staying inside when the snow is to deep.

 Well my battery is charged gotta go!.

Three hours later, I am back,exhilarated and exhausted.
I do have lots of wonderful pics. Here is a sample.

White foam on water. (Harmless)


Love trees.
Found some turkey feathers under this rock.

More tomorrow.



  1. Bring on the snow! Looking forward to some winter photos.

  2. Are those the rocks on our place, got to look for the turkeys?


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