Monday, November 8, 2010

Wild Turkeys and Regrets!

" I am a camera with its shutter open,
quite passive recording,
not thinking".
                           Christopher Isherwood

"When we stop and think, we often miss out opportunity"
                                                        Publilius Syrus

 After delivering the quilt to that special boy on Sunday, we took the scenic drive home. I was driving, My Hero sitting at my side.We noticed something in the field.It was wild turkeys so I get very excited.I love to see them.
 I back the Jeep up, on the highway with my camera all ready to go.There were well over 30 turkeys, a sight to see.They were eating the new green sprouts of some poor farmers fall wheat.
 I take some pics from the Jeep, but I  was not satisfied.

 I jump out, and start heading across the field.I kept walking closer, and closer. They did not even give me a glance."They must really like the fall wheat".
 I finally get very close, but was a little worried about going closer; We used to raise turkeys, and the Tom's could get aggressive, if cornered. I stop and take some more pics.They did not even seem to care.I was no threat.

 They were not afraid of me, as it is deer hunting season in this area now ,and they know they are safe.Only the deer, are hiding.
 I watched for awhile, then I wanted some action shots, so I coughed, they started to run, and fly.

  I have only two regrets, (1) I have been putting off buying that new digital camera,so I missed the great shot of a lifetime. (2) I should have grabbed my glasses, so I could see the screen. Poor quality, is what I have.But I may never get another opportunity, so this is what we get.

 After walking through the very muddy field, I had one thing I did not regret, (1) deciding to wear my faithful, old, reliable Merrill's again. I knew they would come in handy.

PS. I am now taking suggestions, on what kind of camera to buy. It should take an SD card. It should  not be to big, as I need to keep  in my pocket, all the time. Thank you. Leave a comment ,I would appreciate your help. :)



  1. Hey...were you wearing an orange jacket? We had gone for a run at Mom and Dad's and noticed someone walking back through the field yesterday afternoon just south of Palace Rd when we were on our way home.

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