Tuesday, November 16, 2010


" Who first invented Work-and tied the free
And holy-day rejoicing spirit down
To ever-haunting importunity 
Of business, in green fields, and the town-
To plough-loom-anvil-spade-and oh, most sad,
To this dry drudgery of the desk's dead wood."
                     Charles Lamb 

  On my daily  trip to the bush,  looking  for calves and checking the cows, I start thinking,"What a great job this is." At least today.

 I am sure, if My Hero paid me he would surely fire me.I find I do my job, but, my mind drifts to where it really wants to be.I look for the calves and check things out, while all the time finding  myself looking up more then down. This would be OK  but, I have never found a calf in a tree. I will probably  trip over a calf, before I find one.
 I am so lucky to live and work my own hours (at least for now) My Hero knows the job always gets done, he does not care how or when. I am outdoors in the beauty of fall enjoying nature at its best.

Shaggy bark Hickory

Looking up.
 This is a magnificent tree. It has been here longer than I.
The nuts, in the fall, are abundant. The turkeys, and squirrels always get them before we do.I hear bears like them too, they are one of their favourite nuts.

  I start walking down the lane to go deep into the bush. I cannot help but notice the dew dripping off this pine tree.The sun making it glisten.Amazing.

Even those nasty prickly ash bushes, look beautiful with the dripping dew. Just don't get to close.
 Down the lane, and  into the bush, this is where most of my cows hide their calves." I must focus,I must focus."

This is me, focusing on my job. I am really working hard. I must keep moving .It is a nice day to work.The cows are probably fine.
I am sure I will  find them soon. No use wasting a good shot.

Back to my job. This is just south of  Gracie's lane. This is the pond the cows always come to drink. I am looking for these cows, all the while taking in the beauty of my surroundings.

 Well there I go looking up again.I finally put the old  camera in my pocket, I  focus on looking for the calves. There may be something or, may not be something to see, but I must look. I am the lucky girl, with a great job today.

 I found them, they are all fine. I did know that.

Hard work? Or fun? You be the judge.



The mind grows by what it feeds on. J.G. Holland

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