Thursday, December 2, 2010

Can Cows Swim?

" Wit is the salt of conversation,
Not the food."

 It is Dec.1st, and I half expect to go back and see my cows, doing the back stroke. There is so much water. It rained  November to December and is still raining. This would have made for an awful amount of snow. I know some of you were hoping for that. Maybe next time.
 I look out the window and realize, now we own waterfront property. If we only had some fish and a boat, it would be very desirable. Property values just went up.
 I don my rubber boots, and rain gear, and go back to check the cows. I pick up some of the sweet clover hay, they love.
 I pass lots of water, and take my time getting back to the bush. This beauty always makes me pause.

The view on my way was incredible. I look at the power of the water. Turning a little stream into a raging river. Beautiful. Now off to see those cows.

 I am at the back and the tractor goes through the mud. I see the cows standing under the trees. They are fine. High and dry. We moved them just in time. I drop the bales in the feeder, and decide to take advantage of the opportunity to head into the bush. The cows are dry, so it should not be too bad for me. It is only rain.

The tracks in mud were up to the top of  my boot.

High and dry.

 This is what the bush looks like in the rain. It was now pouring heavily, I try to keep my camera dry.

 Raging river. Incredible.
Back to the tractor and those chores.

Just like everything this year about the weather. Never underestimate the power of change. I was at my Mom's for the day, and this is what the drive home was like.

 Well November is gone, and with December here, I have no idea what it will bring. I sure would like to try those snowshoes. It is very Canadian to talk about the weather. This certainly gives us lots to talk about.



  1. Disappointing to see the amount of snow that 'could' have been, but heading in the right direction now.

  2. My goodness, you be careful driving too :)
    I like your gumboots!

  3. Wow, that is an amazing amount of rain..I think I prefer our snow though. Your pictures are really nice, what a beautiful place you live in. Stay dry.

  4. You got our rain!
    Makes things that much more difficult to work in good thing you moved your cattle in time.
    Great picture of the river!

  5. Wow Button NICE work!! It looks like u capture the worlds beauty!

  6. I enjoyed going on the walk with you to find the cows - so glad they were high and dry :)

    Scary drive home!

    Cheers, Susan


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