Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Bliss!

" If you observe a happy man,
you will find him building a boat,
          writing a symphony,
educating his son, growing double dahlias in his garden,
or looking for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi desert.
He will not be searching for happiness as if
          it were a collar button

          that had rolled under a radiator.
                                      W. Beran Wolfe

  I can hardly contain my happiness, I feel as though I shall burst. My girls, My Hero, and I all together under one roof. These are the times that make me extremely happy.

 Christmas Day together all day. A nice breakfast, opening gifts, Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.Conversations and lots of laughter.
 K has started a new tradition. As we girls always try to stay in a hotel, in the city ,once a year, just to spend time with each other. We will be donning matching flannel pants, a very lovely lime green, with  blue polka dots. We wore these most of Christmas Day and giggle and giggle, enjoying this idea. I am sure we will all be on the lookout for three pair of  funky flannels every year to top each other. This is going to be a fun tradition.
 M's gift made me cry, she had taken weeks to format and publish my blog entries into a book. It touched my heart to see this. I sure do write a lot, I have also been known to talk a lot. Seeing it in print, I want to apologize for my grammar and punctuation mistakes, I am sure it will improve with practice. To see my dream in print was wonderful.

 It was a beautiful, sunny, not much snow, with a brisk cool breeze, kind of day. It was perfect.Would have been nice to have snow but it will come.
 Today the girls head to the city to go Boxing Day shopping. I went with them one year that was enough for me. This is their tradition, it is way to crazy for me. I myself will take a hike into the bush, I have not been there in a few days. M tells me there is an amazing amount of deer tracks. I will check this out. Company is coming so it will be an early, and quick hike but enough to satisfy my craving.
 The girls found  Calico Cat in the hay, in the barn while taking food out. They said it purred so loud, but was still very skittish. I have never heard of an ordinary barn cat purring,  just seeing people. We will continue to let it know it is safe.

 I hope you are enjoying this time with your families. I can hardly contain my happiness, I feel as though I shall burst.


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  1. Glad you had a great Christmas, family makes all the difference.

    Calico Cat paid a call on us the other day but was soon heading west.


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