Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 19th!

" No one ever understands the grief or joy of another."
                                                    Franz Shubert

 Tomorrow my Dad would have turned eighty years old. I would have loved that. He passed away a little over three years ago. Sometimes it seems like much longer. I cannot believe, I still cry.
 I was watching a movie called  Stand by Me on television tonight, the memories came flooding back. It just seemed like it was yesterday, that we had to say goodbye.
 My Dad loved the song and we would listen to it over and over. He loved the movie and we would always watch it when it came on.
 It is funny how one song, can turn you into that little girl, looking up to her Father and admiring how he knew all the words to these songs and every person that ever sang them. An old Nat King Cole song, can take you back to the times spent around the old record player, in the cold, old house listening and watching your parents enjoy the sounds. They were happy.
 The smell of Old Spice, reminding you of the times he had a meeting somewhere and would get all dressed up. The familiar smell of the bush, taking you back to the days he would come back from hunting after a week, and he smelled just like the trees. So happy he was home. Wishing you could smell that again.Trying to recreate that smell by going to the bush yourself every chance you get.
 In these times, when I feel sad, I need to go outside. Since it is 10pm and dark out, I slip on my boots, and jacket and go just outside in the yard. It is snowing lightly, the snow makes it just bright enough out  to see the bush in the distance. This always makes me feel closer to him.

 Happy Birthday Dad.



  1. MEMORIES, it's great to have the wonderful memories.

  2. Happy Times, Lovely Memories. I'm sure your dad is having good birthday in Heaven..
    Love M xoxox

  3. Buttons....your Dad is with you not only in spirit but also in those precious memories. I too carry memories of your Dad (my brother) especially those few days together...."Happy Birthday Jim.

  4. I read your post with great empathy. I lost my Dad nearly 8 years ago. My Dad wore Old Spice too and I'm pleased when my husband wears it because it is a comforting smell for me.

    I have a number of things that remind me of my Dad and when they happen, I know it is him telling me he is near. Juicy Fruit Gum...ummmmm. He sang alot and when I hear the songs he sung, wow! I love it when he shows up and lets me know he is with me, enjoying my family gatherings, watching his grandkids and great grandkids.

    Happy Birthday to your Dad and to the wonderful memories he created for you. :D

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments.Knowing people have the same feelings and care about mine is very comforting.

  6. I guess my quote on the top has been proven wrong. People do understand.

  7. My first time here - this is such a lovely tribute, the strength of your words moved me to tear - thank you for sharing - Peace


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