Sunday, December 12, 2010


"Oh, cakes and friends we should choose
with care,
Not always the fanciest cake
that's there
Is the best to eat! And the
plainest friend
Is sometimes the finest one in
the end."
                     Margaret E. Sangster

Cranberry, orange, almond .

 Six months ago, being so busy on the farm, I never had time to do any baking. When I did try nothing turned out. It was usually overcooked or undercooked.It would never rise.
 I blamed it on everything  from, my being in too much of a hurry, too the baking powder being to old. Never thinking it was the stove because the heat was always on. I was frustrated and too busy to care. I gave up.
 I started picking up my baked goods at the local bakery or a store. It was quick and easy.
 Now that it was getting cold, I was going to try and  resolve the stove problem.
 I realized if it was the stove, it would make for a very expensive Christmas dinner, should  I have to go and buy a new one.
I started by turning on the stove to the highest temperature it would go, it seemed to heat OK, and the bottom element was red.
 I turned on the broiler part of the stove and waited, the element was not red I touched it, it was still stone cold. ( I really should have put a little more effort  into this six months ago). Problem solved, I just had to go get a new element.
 I took the element out and went to many, many shops and stores to buy a replacement.. This proved to be more of a problem then I could have imagined. It seems my element was special  ( lucky me).
 After many weeks of looking, and pricing  a new stove, I get a phone call from my sister, "Try my friend B.L., he is sure to have one."
   After a quick phone call this proved to be true,  I rushed off  to get it, I rushed back  home to install it in the oven. Turned the oven on broil it was red. Finally!
 As you can see I am back to baking. I will be trying out new recipes and preparing for all our company over the holidays.
 I look forward to the warmth, and wonderful smells coming from my oven, then sharing my goodies with friends.



  1. I wish we lived near each other as I would love to have a bite of your cake!!! Will you share the recipe? Glad you have your stove working. ;D

  2. That cake looks lovely. Interesting you use the word 'stove', I call the 'stove' the hotplates + oven = 'stove' :)
    Good you found an element.....happy cooking.

  3. what a great saying.... love it.


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