Sunday, December 5, 2010


"Writers seldom write the things they think,
They simply write the things they think
other folks think they think."
                         Elbert Hubbard

 I miss watching my cows, in the morning with my coffee. Once they are back in the bush, I do not get to enjoy this.
 Picture a fishbowl, you sit and watch the fish dart to, and fro, up, and down. Their colours and movements are mesmerizing. You can sit and watch them for hours, just staring through the glass.
 It is a well-known fact it is very calming. You will see fish tanks in Senior's homes, Dentist's offices, Doctor's offices, and many other places. A visual effect massaging the mind.
 Sitting in my kitchen gazing out my back window I look through the glass, this is my fishbowl. I could sit for hours, concentrating on the animation of the cows. The slow movements while grazing inch by inch. Looking up only occasionally, they keep an eye on the others they and I watch their calves chasing each other, darting to and fro.
 Others just were lying on the lush green grass, chewing their cud, staring at me. Calm.
 Could I be in their fish bowl?

 Watching this girl darting to, and fro. In and out, sitting, and standing and staring at her through the glass.



  1. Did you miss the sights from your window this morning -- there was a purple suit meandering slowly up along your line fence?

  2. Dear Anonymous;I did see that purple suit. I have not figured out what kind of wildlife it is yet. I sure do like seeing it.

  3. Better be careful of that wildlife even the bears and coyotes are afraid of it.


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