Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Bliss to Reality in Only One Day!

" Nothing begins, and nothing ends,
That is not paid with a moan;
For we are born in other's pain,
And perish in our own."
                        Francis Thompson

 Well this is a very sad  quote today.
 After the holidays of laughter, smiles, and bliss, my reality came back.
 This has been a fantastic week. I have been with family and friends and enjoyed every moment. I have smiled and laughed so much my sides hurt. Company yesterday kept me in stitches for most of the morning and part of the afternoon.
 I had took the city folk to the bush to visit with the cows.I wanted them to see the new calves or should I say Fabio, the name alone makes you just want to see him.
 We drive down to the bush testing out new Jeep of niece, nice ride. We hop out where the cows are. They are staring wondering who this fancy new vehicle belonged , and most important " are they bringing me some treats?". My cows love company as long as they bring apples or bread, I had forgot to bring either.
 I had my old Merrills on, not afraid to get a little manure on but, some of  my guests, not knowing I would take them to the bush were not quite prepared. I will not mention any names, but K had very nice fancy shoes on. I laughed to myself watching him carefully walk around every fresh new pile of manure. He could not wait to see if one of my cows would come up to be petted.
 Not having any treats for the cows only a couple came to investigate these new visitors to their home. That would be Mandy and Bossy.
 Bossy has been known to eat a five gallon pail of bread and a bucket of apples from any guests willing to stand there and feed her. She is always the one I can count on to come and let our guests have the real feel for the country life. She was not to disappoint. I think she secretly hopes you have hidden the treat in your pocket,  she will stand there for as long as you want, till you find it, and feed it to her. I love Bossy she is so funny.
 My visitors enjoyed the mingling and greetings from Bossy but the other cows wanted nothing to do with them. I guess next time I should remember the treats.
No animals were hurt in the making of this post. Bossy meet Treadstone!
  We continued on our tour the of the farm and visited the sap house. Laughing all the way. It was an enjoyable day. The new Jeep looked better with the wheels and running boards covered in fresh manure, tough like a Jeep should look. I am sure the city people will love to see this back home.

 Well this morning back to my reality. I awoke not being able to get out of bed. The weather and I guess all the excitement had kicked my fibro in.That really makes me mad. After a great day of  laughing and great fun I was on the verge of tears. I will not let this effect my day I am going to visit my Mother and there will be lots of laughing and good times involved.
 Thanks to my family from the big city for the memories. K just kidding about the shoes, or am I?.



  1. Happy to read,Buttons,your holidays were great! But sad this fibro, took hold of your body, to the nearly won over your morning. But..but your strong determination. It kicked in and took control. God Bless...

  2. Don't forget the peanut butter sandwiches next time!

    Hopefully, the gift of some manure on your shoes made it to the inside of the Jeep, so they can enjoy it for days to come!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Maybe just a bit worn out from all the company? ... hopefully you will be feeling more perky again very soon...

    My sister, her husband and their friends (who were supposed to be going home two days ago..) are all down and totally out with some horrible flu. They have been sick since before Christmas.. and even now can't seem to force themselves to eat...all are still pretty much laid up on couches and beds... bemoaning the fact they pretty much missed Christmas.

    feel better soon...

  4. It sounds as though you had a fantastic holiday season with friends and family. I hope that your fibro issue recedes again and that you are feeling better soon if not already. I don't know about you but I am ready to get started on 2011.:)

  5. Thanks to all for your concern. I am feeling great today. I am a very stubborn lady, this always helps with just that little bit of crazy denial. Happy New Year to you and Peace. Welcome 2011.
    Bumble Vee sorry about your holiday hope all is well now.


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