Monday, December 20, 2010

Maynard and the Calico Cat!

" A little cat played on a silver flute,
      And a big cat sat and listened;
The little cat's strains gave the big cat pains,
                                              And a tear on his eyelids glistened
                                                                             Arthur Macy

Maynard is K's cat. He is a very happy and  loved fellow.
 Rushing around the kitchen trying to get Sunday dinner in the oven. My Hero says "There's the cat."
 We have been seeing tracks in the snow for weeks now. Under the step with the wood, around the back door,and on top of my Jeep hood. We do not have a cat or even a dog at this time, so I had not been sure if they were cat tracks. It was a mystery.
 There is a problem we have had to deal with for as long as we have lived on this farm. If there is a barn, people would assume you milk cows and drop their unwanted cats or in some cases litter of cats off. They would assume that you could look after them. It probably made them feel less guilty for the act. At one time we were feeding 31 cats with cows milk, and lots of food.
 That is another story, now back to this new cat.
 It stood there peering into our kitchen window watching our every move. Like the fishbowl again. It was keeping it's distance while digging in the snow. He or she  was the most beautiful Calico cat, with a tail as big and bushy as a raccoon's tail.Brilliant orange, white and black markings.
 I grab my boots and some leftover turkey, "Here kitty, kitty." it darts away as soon as I step off the step. This was a very frightened kitty.
 I leave the turkey near the barn, it can get in under the door and sleep in the hay mow. It will be warm and I will bring more food in the morning.
 I do not know if this cat will stay, or move on, but I will try to make things a little easier while our guest.
 You never know, over time we may become fast friends. At this point it is all up to the cat. It has some serious trust issues, because someone chose to abandon him or her. I hope to get a photo sometime soon.

Yes, Maynard is a very lucky kitty, to have someone love him, that would never abandon him.



  1. Now if that cat is smart it will not budge from that barn of yours for the rest of the is so kind of you to feed her/him.

    This is a very interesting post because 2 1/2 weeks ago we found a half starved calico kitten in our barn too. The poor thing did nothing but eat and sleep for the first week as it was so emaciated. It is now happily running about the house playing with a crumpled up piece of paper. I will have to post a picture of her one of these days. We tried to find a new home for her but found no takers so we have decided to let her live with us. We named her Nikita Katerina...Nikita means "victory" and she was obviously very victorious.:)

  2. Mr H. I love the name it is very fitting. I have not seen the calico cat all day. I did leave more food out. I see lots of tracks all around the house this morning like it was trying to get in. We will wait and see.It is probably catching mice we seem to have our share this year.


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