Friday, December 10, 2010

Nature, Ice, and Life!

"For art may err, but Nature cannot miss."

Ice Lace

 I have found that Nature has never let me down. Its beauty has always amazed me.Through the lens of my camera, I can forget about the sometimes- chaotic world I live in, by concentrating on Natures art. I focus on what is in front of me, and let the rest of the world, fade into the back round.

 I lie on the ground, on my stomach, in the snow, trying to see what is going on under the ice. I am never satisfied with point and shoot. I love to try different angles. The challenge to get just the right shot is very gratifying. Sometimes I may take twenty or more shots just to get the one I want.

 I do not have photo shop and I do not manipulate these images. I want you to see exactly what I see in the moment. I want to show you the art in its natural state. Most times I can accomplish this with a little patience and tenacity.

 Ice is a very unusual medium to work with. I never know what I am going to get till I put it on the computer.

 I hope I have captured what I have seen and I hope you can enjoy Natures art as I have. No matter what is going on in your life, just know that Nature has something of beauty to show you every time.

 All you have to do is look; open your eyes to the little things.

   You will never be disappointed.



  1. Hello! I have come across your space from Down to Earth. Gorgeous photos! I am in Canada as well, but are suddenly warming up out of nowhere and all of our snow is melting! It is ever so sad, and I hope that soon there will be more flakes falling from the sky! Have a great day!

  2. Hello, stopping over from down to earth and would like to say I love and appreciate your artistic talent , photographing nature...
    ~~Michigan, U.S.~~

  3. Oh it's good to see your photos as being natural. These days unless stated I would think most of the photos are 'fiddled' with, instead of being the talent & skill of the photographer.

  4. Very beautiful pictures.

    "Frost is the greatest artist in our clime – He paints in nature and describes in rime.” – Thomas Hood

  5. Buttons you have a talent that needs to be shared....I am placing this on my facebook, for families and friends can see.

    Wow what a gift... :)

  6. Love your ice pictures, just beautiful.

  7. I'm knocked out by your ice pictures. You truly "open your eyes to the little things". Such a treat to see them, thank you.


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