Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Calf and a Lesson Learned!

"Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of a lack of wisdom."
                                                                                 Terry Pratchett

  Meet Fabio. It was my sister's birthday so she had the privilege to name him. He was born on Boxing Day. Mother and calf are doing fine.
 I hitched a ride in the tractor with My Hero. The wind is brisk making the cold unbearable. I hop off and start to head to the bush. He honks the horn and points to this new calf. I take some pics and continue into the bush.
 I notice a large pile of bird droppings under a tree, it seems a flock of turkeys had been perching high in the pines last night. I see rabbit, and raccoon tracks between the rows of glacier rocks.

  There are only a few deer tracks. I keep looking. I head deeper into the bush, heading for the spring, and the pond knowing they always go there to drink.
 As soon as I hear the cracking, I knew my hike was to be cut short. All of a sudden I feel cold, very cold water, and mud oozing into my boots. I was glad I was standing on the side, not in the middle of the pond, where I was heading.
Maybe there had been too much Christmas feasting. I was stuck in mud just below my knees.The mud making my boots very heavy. I pull myself out almost losing them.
 I could still hear the tractor running so I knew My Hero was still feeding the cows. I hurry to catch him, my feet sloshing around in my boots while running; he could drive me back to the house. The cold and wet would have made walking back to the house very hard. He sees me running towards him, he laughs; he is used to my misadventures.

I will try to get back again tomorrow. I had learned a lesson today, stay off the ice, even if you think it looks safe.



  1. Congratulations on the new calf, I like the name. I had to laugh out loud about your wet boots...sounds like something I would do. We live next to a little swamp and I am forever falling through the ice into the muddy muck while out walking with our dog. Also, it was nice to see the picture of your new barn cat in your previous post, it looks like it has found a good spot to hang out for the winter.

  2. I never thought that you would go out on the ice, it sounds like something that I would do!

  3. Little Fabio looks lovely.
    Oooh, boots full of mud, not a good feel ;-)

  4. LOL Been there done that lots when I was a kid and a few times as an adult. Seems that 'pushing the limit' never completely stops when you're an adult. Congratulations on your new calf the name! I hope your spring comes soon so you can get out and enjoy your forest.
    Maura :)


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