Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year and Old Reflections!

"Happy New Year! 
There's always hope, there's promise!
No sorrow ever held a crocus back.
The rigid earth revives, day breaks; 
Deliberate, comes down the starry track." 
                         Louise Driscoll

 I have never made a New Years resolution. It always seemed so pointless to me. I know I would not keep it, so why bother. I try to learn something from the past year, and try to do better for the next one.
 This year has been quite the challenge.

  Medical emergencies, health scares (mine and others) financial problems all around, family crisis, problems on the farm. Deaths, births and worry, lots of worry, be it real or created in my own head.

  I have laughed uncontrollably, cried uncontrollably; I have loved  and sad to say  hated; I've made decisions, I've been indecisive. I have said yes when I wanted to say no, I have said  no when I wanted to say yes.

  Yes; this has been a trying year. Through all this I have held on to my sense of humour, and have taken many hikes to the bush. I have survived and learned much.It does not matter what the crisis, when it has passed, and yes it will pass; sit back and reflect on what it has taught you. What you could have controlled or not? What you would have done different or not?

  Then just get up and have a good laugh with your family and friends, and hope this year will be better. Life is just a hike with lots of mountains and valleys, sometimes it is easy, sometimes you think you will never make it; but you will if you really want too. Lessons will be learned. You can change what you think you can, and just deal with what you cannot.  BE HAPPY!

  All the best for 2011.
    I know I am looking forward to more valleys and less mountains; and look forward to more laughs and less tears and definitely more hiking.
  May you find your Peace!



  1. "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to you Buttons and family. Today's blog hits home. God Bless....

  2. I never make resolutions either. Why give ourselves more headaches? ... more stress? As you say....we just reflect upon the past ... one or two or three years or more... wonder at the sense of it all and move on. Trying to be a better human being. What more can we all do? And, in reality...if everybody did just that?....what a better old world it would be in the long run. It's a good enough goal.... plenty good enough.

    Here's to a healthy New Year for us all.... because in reality our health does reflect upon our daily activities in that it limits, ... or sours, ... or sometimes even gives us wings ......... to do, or not to be able to do.

    Please let us all have some great health this year.... my only wish for us all in 2011. ......

  3. May this New Year bring much happiness to you and yours Buttons.

    Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt post.


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