Friday, December 3, 2010


" There is no pleasure without a tincture of bitterness."

A little Maple Syrup.

  Porridge and I have always had a conflicting relationship.I either love it or hate it.
 As a child, my very busy mother of ten, would hurry through making this for breakfast. Her routine consisted of, boiling a big pot of water on stove, throw in the oatmeal, stir. Put lumpy porridge into ten bowls, pour on, not quite dissolved, powdered skim milk, more lumps.Add the best part, a big spoon of brown sugar.  There you go! I liked the sugar.
 Always followed by the wonderful spoon of cod liver oil. mmm (not).
 A lot of complaining, but you ate it, as that was all there was. If you did not eat it for breakfast, it would be waiting there, for lunch. That was not a very pretty, nor tasty thing. You ate it as you knew  that was all there was going to be.You were hungry by then. My being stubborn just made it worse.
 I told myself when I grew up, I would never eat porridge again.
 These days, I love to start my busy day with oatmeal. I also take that capsule of cod liver oil. There is nothing better to warm your body, and soul.

 My version---

         Mix milk (not water), oatmeal, raisins or cranberries,chopped whole almonds, and Chia seeds. If you  need sweetener I use local Maple Syrup or honey. Cook on stove, or if time is an issue, two minutes in the microwave. I change my version all the time as to not get bored. Sometimes I  use apples, or dried fruit, different nuts.Once and awhile, I make it plain , just like Mom used to make, without the lumps. A very important tip, take the cod liver oil pill first.

 Thanks Mom for knowing what was good for me, even when I did not.



  1. I'm convinced it's the word 'porridge' that makes it sound less appealing. I think 'Hot Oatmeal' sounds more appetizing.

    Funny, Sara is not a fan of the stuff either, but it's great fuel before a race.

  2. I could have written that entire first paragraph. I can eat it now, but still struggle, and do flax oil capsules. Great post, thanks for the shudders! ;)

  3. I like the way you make your porridge and will have to try using chia seeds on ours sometime. Toast and porridge is a traditional early morning meal for us to eat on spring wood cutting days when we are in a hurry to get outside and get to work. It's quick, filling, and sticks with you.

  4. Hello Derrick, Sara, and Mr.H. I need to clarify my relationship with porridge/oatmeal. I love it now, it was the memory I hated. Cold, hard porridge with lumps.
    I will eat it most mornings.It is great fuel.
    Sara you need to try mine.
    Always enjoy your comments. Thank you

  5. I add cinnamon and chopped apple to mine,mmmm
    gotta try your version..I have not cooked it in milk before...


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