Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow for the Hoildays?

What in the dark I had taken to be a stump of a tree
appearing above the snow,
to which I had tied my horse,
proved to have been the
weathercock of the church steeple."
                                 Rudolf Erich Raspe

Monday Morning

Tuesday morning (our snow storm)

   Well, I do not expect nor hope for that much snow. When this quote was written in 1785 I am sure things were normal with lots of snow. Our climate has made our weather a guessing game.

 On the radio this morning they are reporting rescuing three hundred people stranded in their cars and trucks on the highway in S.W. Ontario. The cold winds, and snow have made for whiteout conditions, and roads impassable. Poor people.
 We on the other hand have very little snow as you can see in the photo. We do have, the extremely cold winds which makes it miserable to be outside. I move from the warmth of the tractor, to the shelter of the bush, then back to tractor, then into my warm house. I try not to venture very far.
 I have a very busy and early day. A Doctor's appointment for my Mom, in the city. I am grateful for the clear highways, as it will be busy with holiday shoppers. This will make for easier driving. Parking downtown will be my biggest obstacle. At least there will be no snow banks to climb, to put money in the parking meter.
 I don't often go to town. I am happy to stay home and avoid the crowds. This year I am looking forward to going. I am hoping to get some of the holiday spirit, by being around the hustle and bustle. I will take my Mom for a little shopping. The decorations may help my mood. It appears, I need snow to really believe Christmas is coming.
 The holidays will give me a chance to visit with my girls, and enjoy my family. I will not be doing any chores outside as My Hero will be home. His vacation is my vacation.
 I look forward to snuggling in my chair listening to the laughter of my girls, and the conversations of what is going on in their lives. My Hero, and I love this time. All together making memories.

 Maybe I will look out my window and see the snow piled high, not as high as a church steeple but maybe as high as the door. Then we can go outside, and have some fun in the snow..


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