Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Technological Friendship!

 “ True friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.”


Two friends standing strong. (Yesterdays pic note the snow.)

  In 1998 I was a women trying to deal with the fact her oldest child was going off to a University far away.
 I bought myself  a computer and downloaded a chat program called ICQ; this would keep me in contact with my daughter.
 I had no idea the beautiful friendship this act would bring to my life. I met a woman in a far off land, a twenty one hour flight, then a ferry, and a car ride away, to be exact. It was like talking to someone on the moon. Her day was my night, and her night was my day. Complete opposites. She was a person who loved to be on the computer late nights. I was an early riser.
 I would be waiting  for my tractor to warm up, early in the morning  before doing my chores; she would be ironing one of her sons shirts at midnight. It was perfect. We would chat most mornings. Always interested in each others lives, and differences. Despite the geography this worked very well.
 This friendship was never to know the comfort of a hug, or a simple handshake. We would send photos back and forth; we would chat about the best times, and the worst times of our lives. Chatting about our children growing up, and the worries that came with it. Marriages, births, and the death of one of our parents.The grief and comfort shared only via the web and emails. We would share a good laugh, and  a good cry,  together.Sometimes laughing uncontrollably but not able to see or hear each other. Just the familiar LOL LOL.
  Our friendship would blossom. We would learn much from each other, and cherish this friendship.
 I still look forward to that familiar name popping up on my chat. She is online, and we will catch up. These days I am the person on the computer late at night, this would be her daytime so we chat at different hours now, but it still works.
 We have often talked about if we ever met, and it is fun to think about. Unless Oprah Winfrey reads this and helps me out, (LOL), it will probably never happen. You never know. In the mean time I will enjoy the bond we share and cherish our long distance friendship. Thanks M
I love technology.



  1. Thank you my dear friend, we have certainly have been friends for years now.
    You are a lovely person, with a kind heart.
    Thank you for being here for me, always.
    I wonder how many words we have typed to each other over the years....we will never know that one :)
    Your fried M xoxoxox

  2. May your "Link" never be broken...true friendship is rare.

  3. I have just read this post,Buttons - and I can relate to your words. I too have become friends with someone I met on a forum. We did actually meet four years ago. She came to Australia to visit her parents as she was living overseas at the time( she is an Aussie). I drove the 400 kilometers to meet her.
    She has since moved back to Australia, but she still lives too far away to visit. She has had some very dark days with the break up of her 30 year marriage, and she is now rediscovering herself and her new life again.I would support her all the way, in everything she does.
    I've had my hands full with Petals cancer journey and a few of my own health issues. All these things have not made one iota of a difference to our friendship, and I have plans to visit her next year. We keep in touch by phone and email whenever we can. Treasure the friendships you make with your sisters as they become a very important part of your life.

    Thank you for leaving your lovely comment on my blog. I shall keep in touch. I wish you nothing but the best in life. Maa.


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