Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is on My Mind! Imagination!

"Imagination disposes of everything:
it creates beauty, justice and happiness,
which is everything in this world."

What a pity as adults we sometimes lose our sense of imagination.

I myself, am truly glad that I live in my imagination, most times while in the bush. It is a place of wonderment and joy.
If every adult could live in their imagination for just a little while, their lives would be much happier, and the world would seem so much brighter for all. Would it not seem a better world if we can all ask the question?
 Do you think this giant vine leads to the giant's castle and Jack is up their with the goose, who lays the golden egg? Please relax and enjoy your life have some fun.

I have joined an online community blog called down---to---earth this will be the feature all will participate in each Friday ( as this is in Australia) I will contribute on Thursdays.This is on my mind.



  1. Great! Is that where Jack is? Hope he brings home one of those golden eggs.

  2. I couldn't imagine(!) life without using my imagination ;-)


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