Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Waving Goodbye!

"It is never good dwelling on goodbyes,
It is not being together it prolongs
it is the parting."
                Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco

  8 pm. Monday; We are sitting in an interesting old train station. It is a sad evening, K is going back to the big city. It seems like she had just got here. The visits always go so fast.
 I watch the crowd with bags, and bags of luggage. There are a lot of Christmas parcels. Everyone is making idle chitchat, knowing soon they will have to say goodbye to their loved one.

 The girls and I are laughing, remembering the flannel pants and all the hilarious moments of the past few days. We can always find something to laugh about. The crowd looks at us wondering what the joke was.
 We joke about K being prepared  if the train is stranded. She has pounds of local specialty cheese, a warm Snuggli blanket from Oma, and a flashlight from myself. She will be prepared for every scenario.We laugh out loud as we picture this in our heads.
 I laugh, all the time dreading  giving her the last hug, and waving goodbye, not knowing how long till the next visit.
 I go outside and see what pics await.. It is very cold, the wind will not let up.I am dressed warm but still shiver. There are lots of freight trains tonight, they are very long and piled two high with cargo containers. They bang and clang as they rumble over the bumpy tracks disturbing the peace and quiet. They look very eerie in the dark of the night.

  I run back inside to join the girls, in the warmth of the station. More joking and laughing, I hope I do not cry.
 The girls decide to go wait outside, the station is now very crowded. Out we go. I last about 15 minutes then dash back into the warmth. It is so cold. I watch the girls through the window. They are laughing. This makes me smile.
 It was such a great few days, we always have fun. My Hero and I enjoyed this time with them, so much. This is always the hard part. I hope I do not cry.
 K signals to come back out, the train is coming. I have a huge lump in my throat. Two more lingering hugs.
 The full station spills out onto the platform. My eyes are tearing up, I am glad it is dark. We watch her climb the steps to the train, watch her get a seat and sit down. This is never easy. We wave goodbye.
 M and I watch the train pull from the station; we run for the warmth of the car. I wrap a blanket around myself. I did not cry.
 M and I joke about the cold. " Lets go home and get some hot chocolate." We head back to M's.
 Soon I will wave goodbye to M. Now to the hot chocolate and the warmth of M's house and a girls sleep over. Back to My Hero in the morning, we are to  have special visitors. Life goes on.


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  1. The quotation is perfect. Your thoughts hit the spot.


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