Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where's the Snow?

 “ But where are the snows of yesteryear?


  It is the second week of December. We are waiting for the snow. It has been crazy weather till this point. I would like it to stop now, warm up, and snow. The bitter cold would be easier to handle, if we had a nice blanket of insulating snow. The warm sun reflecting the heat back to us.

   I walked around in the bush today, it is –10c the wind whipping in my face. I have so many layers of clothes on that I should be warm. I am not. My bones seem to absorb the cold.
 My lined coveralls with thick pants underneath, a hoodie on to keep my neck warm. I have on sunglasses to protect my eyes, from the glaring sun, and the eye damaging twigs in the bush. My lined work boots, and wool socks, seem to keep my feet warm. I walk faster to warm my body. Deeper into the trees I go to stop the biting wind.
 I am looking for cows, or should I say just looking. I am enjoying the walk. I look up to the top of the trees. This time I find myself more interested in what is going on down on the ground.
 There are tracks in the snow so it is easy to see where my cows have wandered.
 I see many tracks of the little creatures of the forest. Raccoon tracks, squirrels, coyote, birds and mice trails everywhere. I have not seen any deer tracks today. Maybe tomorrow.


 This is a great time of year to observe what goes on in nature while we are sleeping.

 This is the same stream that just last week was a raging river. I cannot believe this. It is peaceful.  It is now reduced to a babbling brook. Next week it may be covered in snow. I look forward to showing you this. I have many great pics of my hike today and will leave you with a few, I truly enjoy.

That old puffball

Someone lives here.

Love this spot.

Nice Ice.

 Thank you for reading my blog I enjoy getting up in the morning, hiking into the bush for you.



  1. I do like your photos you took on your walk in your bush. I am still coming to grips with -10degC..plus the snow :)
    Take care my dear friend....M

  2. Your blog is very "inspirational".


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