Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Corn Harvest!

"For they conquer who believe they can."

 It seems the weather will not stop the corn harvest. I pull my Jeep over to watch  the combine move through the corn field. The mud and snow stuck to its tires. Slowly sliding between the rows. The snow looks out of place to me. It is still a good harvest, I am told. It will not effect the corn.
  It is a good thing we did not get all the snow, that surrounds us. He will get this crop off. It would not have been possible under three or more feet of snow. 

 I cross the highway to get a closer look. It is a blustery cold day. I button my coat, and wished I had worn a hat. The last time I watched the corn  harvest, it was hot, and dry. It was a beautiful summer day.

 I watch the farmer sitting in his combine with the heat on, not the air conditioning .He is probably listening to the weather channel on the radio. He has company sitting beside him. I am sure they are discussing their fortune in such a bountiful crop. Prices are high.
The wagons sit fully loaded waiting. The truck, and the tractors will pull these wagons through the frozen, yet still muddy, snow covered  field. They will head down the road to the farmers farm, to be sold, or into his bins for feed.
 The combine will keep going, there is no time to waste. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. You never know, this time they may be right.


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