Monday, December 6, 2010


 "A school boy's tale, the wonder of an hour."

I wonder how big the key would be..

  Have you ever wondered how things work,and why certain things are the way they are? I  have a child's mind when it comes to questions. I constantly ask questions and wonder about all things surrounding me.

  One of my trips to the bush left me with questions. I always encounter many while on my hikes.

 I wonder what the foam on the base of all the pine trees, was all about. "What is it, and is it harmful?"

I wonder why  this container is in the middle of the bush. "What was it's purpose?" "Why have I never moved it in the thirty years I have passed it?" 

 I wonder if this coffee pot came from the old sap house. "How long has it been here?" "How has it survived the elements this long?" We have never used the sap house. This may be forty or fifty years old.

 I wonder why there is a  pile of rocks built in a circular pattern, in the bush. "Was it used by a people long ago living on the land, to cook or, to enjoy the warmth?"

 Wonder is about the unknown. With the internet and Google we are able to answer many of life's questions. I prefer to leave most of these recent questions a mystery. The tree foam I will look up. The wonder is the best part. My imagination I am sure is more interesting.


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