Monday, January 31, 2011

After Thought!

" Blessed are the forgetful:
for they get the better
even of their blunders."
                  Friedrich W. Nietzsche

 Have you ever found yourself so busy and distracted, you wonder how you ended up somewhere? This happened to me last week. As you all know I have been very busy with calves. After checking them out in the morning and finding this new calf.

 I took my glove off to make sure it was OK, showing you the size.She is perfect, a little smaller about 70lbs. She is just about one hour old. Still wet from the Mother cleaning her up.
 I see New Year, Fabio, Ernest 2 and many not yet to be named. New Year was eating but keeping a close eye on me.

  I continue to check all the Mom's and calves, I am happy things are going well that day. They are so cute I take a few more pics.

 I head back to the house, I think about starting work on the farm taxes, but decide not today. I will try tomorrow.
 I get changed and head to town to get cow salt, and milk which I had ran out of. I have been neglecting getting supplies for weeks I have no choice now. Off I go.

  I pass some barns and decide this would make a great Photo Friday so I take my time and  take the pics. This looks so great, I decide to take a couple more back roads to see what I can find.
 I continue, I do not know for how long and come to this railway bridge. I decide to sit and wait, I never like the clanging over my head, I do not know why.

   I take time to admire the beautiful stonework and the water. I take some pics. I remember I have to make my Mom supper tonight so I better get going. I head home.
 I drive down the road and notice something dark on the ice. I park the Jeep and jump out to go see what it could be. It is two beavers, and two ducks sharing the same open water. I watch the beaver dive down to retrieve another branch from under the ice. He pulls it up and drags it onto the ice. So cool to watch. I take more pics and head back to the Jeep.

 I sit for a moment, "What am I doing here?" "What am I forgetting?"
 I turn the Jeep around and head back to town to get cow salt and the milk.(oops). I think I need a vacation.
 I better hurry I have to check cows before going to Mom's.



  1. Your posts just keep getting better and better. I'm so glad I found you (or, did you find me?) Doesn't matter -- the buff calf -- can you send him/her to me via USPS Priority Mail? I wuv him. :)

  2. How neat is that to have seen a beaver. We have beavers not too far from where we live as well but I have never once in my life seen them...lucky you. Looks like your are getting some more snow and those calves are adorable.

  3. Mr. H it is only the second time I have seen the beaver. I was so lucky to be able to watch them and see them work. It was awesome.

  4. Nancy I feel the same way. I was thinking about the priority posting the parcel, I decided it would be to hard to wrap. Thank you.

  5. Dear Buttons, look like you are having a tough winter there! but when I see your cute little calves only I can say all your hard work and Sacrifices are worth. On 16 th (Sunday) we went to a small village call "Bosco Gurin" m 1500 high in pre Alps and there was a barn which accommodate all the cows and calves of the villagers and I took some pictures which I would like to show you to see may be put them to my blog when I have some time ! no matter how much work you have in your hand you should find time to care and look after your self too..

  6. What a lovely day! and I'm glad you remembered the salt and milk before you got home. I'd love to see a beaver. They've been extinct here for 400 years but are just being reintroduced. There is opposition because people are worried about the damage to woodlands and waterways. I say - bring 'em on.

  7. We lost our few weeks of great weather.... another foot of the white stuff fell over the last 2 days....lots of shovelling and it is -27C. I enjoy my time out there's quiet and muffled.. we just dress for it right? .... ..and hardly any cars moving about.... sigh... perfect.... I can pretend I don't live in the city. I think the airport must have been shut down for almost all day Friday...didn't hear any planes and when it is this know how the sound whistles and stays close....

    did I ask you previously?... I was going to if I didn' about forgetful... what became of planning for early spring deliveries of calves?. I don't remember them ever being born in the worst of the cold when I spent time on a farm.... the only thing I remember for sure was chopping the trough water and trying to throw down some bales of hay without getting trampled in the rush to find the best and first mouthful...

  8. Thanks for posting the photo's, I have a fascination with old barns & churches. We are expecting another storm with 12-18 inches of new snow, so we went grocery shopping for a few items before the shelves are bare once again.

  9. Sheron I look forward to seeing those pics on your blog.

    Marianne Lots of farmers dislike beavers here also but I don't mind them. They work very hard.

    BumbleVee Sounds like winter oh yeah.We have been having them born in the winter for awhile now. The spring brings more problems with wet and mud and parasites causing scours (diarrhea)We have had terrible wet springs last few years. It is better in the winter when they are sheltered by the bush. They are warm and get up faster making them hardier. We do not have the terrible cold days very often in this part of Ontario like we used to.It seems to work for us.

    Blessings More snow yuk. I like the amount we have now. Just enough for snowshoeing but no more shoveling. I love old barns watch Photo Friday I hope to get some on.

  10. B, your photos are beautiful! There is something magical about nature and old buildings in a snowy setting. Stay warm and keep the amazing photos rolling.


  11. Magical photos and such a beautiful calf.

  12. Dear Buttons,That calf is spectacular!! just stunning!

  13. Isn't Mother Nature distracting? I love seeing your pics!
    Vacation?? don't have vacations unless they have nearby relatives/friends to keep an eye on the stock.
    We'll officially be in Autumn(Fall) in about 4 weeks so hope it starts warming up soon for you over there.

  14. Claud Thank you.I will

    Provincial Homemaker Thank you and he certainly is a looker.

    Farmer Thank you he is I have some nice girls I will post another time.

    Robyn Thanks and I sometimes have time to slip away for a few days between calving and haying. I am lucky to have a wonderful neighbour who helps out. Mother Nature has always been my downfall when concentrating.

  15. Lovely photos.
    Do love your cows:)

  16. Thank you for sharing your day in this way.
    The new calf you found is simply gorgeous, I love the picture of him having a drink off Mum.


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