Monday, January 10, 2011


" How lonely we shall be!
What shall we do,
You without me,
I without you."
              Harold Monro

  I am reduced to emails and phone calls. I miss the laughter and the hugs. The holidays are gone and so are my girls.
 I think everyone with an empty nest, feels this way about a week or so after the holidays. The hustle, and bustle is over and we are back to our normal lives.
 Every morning I look out my back window, I remember when the girls were here. It was a very short visit, not long enough to satisfy my motherly yearnings. Long enough to realize how much I love my independence now.
 No more hearing their laughter while teasing their Dad. No more looking at them admiring the strong women they have become. Thinking back to the sleepless nights, spent wondering if we were doing this parenting thing right.
 No more extra dishes, and someone sitting in my chair. No more.
 Yes I miss my girls but I know this is the way it is supposed to be.
 Thanks to telephones, and email, I still get to share in their lives, and know what they are up to. I know they are doing fine.
 When I get to this sad place I just have to look down at my funky flannel pants and laugh.




  1. Buttons you have a fantastic life! I miss the farm life, but I could never afford to be a farmer. Doesn't that sound strange? Farmers have been replaced by Krogers and Walmarts here and the corn subsidies of the 1980's re invented how people farm. Alas, my generation's children didn't learn how to grow their food, raise animals, preserve, save, and make and repair what they need.

    You have given your children invaluable knowledge and I hope you continue to farm until you must hang up the snow shoes!


  2. Well said and so.. from the heart with a twist of humor, Love it!

    Although we are not empty nesters and probably won't be, we still look back over the memories, good and bad and chuckle and sigh.

    Blessings for your week,

  3. keep up with the phone calls and emails. keep laughing. and enjoy your freedom now and look forward to the next whirlwind visit.

  4. Mary Thank you I am truly blessed and never take it for granted.
    Kelle Thank you I never thought I would be an empty nester but here I am. I truly never thought I could even bear the thought of it but it is great once you get used to it.
    Marianne Thank you and I will.

  5. A empty nester here. We call each other almost every day and our oldest daughter has security camera in baby room where I can watch the little play....Youngest daughter has one little girl with 3 older brothers and she calls and we play make believe over the phone. I texted our 13 yr old grandson the other night from PC just to say "hey what's up" he thinks that's cool...
    Our 2 sons live closer yet we speak almost every day....
    It gets easier!

  6. Blessings I love how you are so close to your Grandchildren that is very cool. You are a good Mom and Grandmother. later

  7. Buttons you echo many others' thoughts and feelings with your posts.
    Sometimes in my 'After' I catch myself looking around the house and, at certain spots, remember something they've said or a laugh we've shared, it makes me smile ... or puts a lump in my throat.
    I'm glad I drive them crazy taking their photos while they're here!


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