Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Work!

  "All things are full of labour;
  man cannot utter it;
  the eye is not satisfied with seeing,
  nor the ear filled with hearing."

   Ecclesiastes. I. 8 
She is running fast, behind her Mother.
   Monday morning checking our New Year calf, I realize my mornings are to be much busier. My evenings before dark will be also. Since we now have had three calves in a row, it is official, calving time.
 I walk the bush, after putting bales in the feeders and extra bedding on the ground. I am looking for more signs of birthing. I spot Sandy the jumper (re Decisions) she is showing signs of getting ready. Her tail is up and she is wandering the bush looking for a safe comfortable hiding spot to have her calf. I let her be. I find they do much better on their own, no stress. I will be keeping an eye on her from a distance, out of her line of sight. I will not get involved unless I think there is going to be a problem.

Jumper Sandy.

  I trudge through the bush following the trails. I am relying on my instinct and experience to track down these mothers.
 Tracking would be much easier with a little snow on the ground.
 Finding nothing I head back to the tractor
 My days of exploring will be replaced by searching and making sure everything is going smoothly. I still find the time to take some pics.

  Back to the house; I thought since the weather was in some kind of holding pattern, I would bring in a load of wood.
 My Hero says he can now just scoop up a load into the bucket from the drive shed. He then just has to throw it  into the house. Sounds easy.
 Well this goes to prove My Hero is a much better loader operator then I. I throw the wood in the bucket one piece at a time. Then to the house and unload one piece at a time.

  Done; I park the tractor and finally go into the house. Thinking I was not going to be too long, and would  get things done quick, I had not eaten breakfast. I will not make that mistake again.
 It is 11 am.  I am exhausted and extremely hungry, I want my Porridge.



  1. Sounds like you had a very busy morning and I'm sure the rest of your day was as well...thank goodness for porridge. Where is all your snow.:) By the way, I really enjoy your daily quotes.

  2. Welcome back Mr. H I assume you fixed your modem problem. It is snowing today. Thank you I love quotes, starts the day off right.

  3. Your photos too! Did Jumper Sandy have her calf yet? Thanks for letting us in on your day. Remember to pace yourself. Hugs

  4. Thanks for visiting our blog. Your blog is fantastic and love your cow and calf pictures. I will say I'm glad we're not calving, it's still to cold for that here. We don't have anyone ready to calve until next summer anyway*sigh*

    Hope to see you visit and we'll be visiting yours again too.

    Blessings from,
    The Never Done Farm

  5. Oh, boy....how do you manage with no brekky? Not for me...I would be good and cranky by almost noon! Give me eggs and bacon and... well, I wish.... but, with inherited cholesterol problems I do try to keep under control with decent food...I would certainly have my eggwhites..on a slab of home made bread at least... porridge just wouldn't cut it. ...I need protein, and early.It keeps me going all day... Maybe porridge later.. for a snack...

  6. dear Buttons firstly I'm so glad that I could visit your blog and comment. because like farms verymuch and will go in the spring to visit some in the alps. by theway in the third picture of this post are they Eddleweiss?


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