Tuesday, January 11, 2011


“ Nothing can help. There are no substitutes.
 Sometimes I say there is so I can live.
 But I know better. Only food can feed;
 Not air, not dust, not water through a sieve."
                                 Abbie Huston Evans

   Monday morning  -12c  Cold. I start the tractor and let it run to warm up. I run back into the house to have breakfast.
 I go to make my oatmeal but, my eyes fall on the cinnamon buns I made on Sunday. I give into temptation. I ate it plus two Christmas chocolate balls to round out my meal.
 It tasted good but I am not sure it will have the staying power like my oatmeal, to get me through the chores. I will find out.
 I pass lots of deer tracks they are everywhere. They walk between the tractor tire tracks from yesterday. Nice.

   The cows do not seem to mind the cold. The calves are thriving. It is sunny and sheltered; warmer than an ordinary shelter. Healthier. I compare it to the buffalo roaming free on the plains, with room service.

 The calves are running around, driving their mothers crazy. They are trying to keep track of them.
 Fabio is as white as the new fallen snow.
 The calves are already eating hay. They look good. Mother’s milk, good hay and a block of salt, are all they need.
 After running around and eating their breakfast, they, like some of us, take a nap.

  I finish feeding, then checking the cows. I pass on the snowshoeing today. It is cold and my unconventional breakfast has worn off.
 Tomorrow I will be back to my porridge, maybe another cinnamon bun. Maybe I will leave out the chocolate.



  1. Ah cinnamon buns....definitely a weakness. Can't get them off my mind now!

  2. Such a happy home that you have provided for the cows...as it should be. We are also enjoying another spell of cold but sunny weather. Love seeing those little calves.

  3. Temptations! Cinnamon buns are one thing but chocolate!!! You are forgiven. Anyway would have chosen the same. In Ontario and awaiting your cold weather. It is -16C here this morning and making us feel chilled. We have dairy cattle but they seem to prefer the outside cold to the inside warmth as well. Healthy environment and they know it.

  4. tsk, tsk.... how will I talk you into protein for a healthy breakfast? One that truly nourishes and actually jump starts your metabolism? Straight sugar on the other hand is killing off your adrenals....

    hey... you could check out my loaf on my Tea and Scones blog... bake one of those and even just take a slice with you for a brekky treat. At least it has cheese, eggs and a bit of meat in it.....

    cute calves...and lovely sunny morning...

  5. I usually have oatmeal in winter and muesli in summer for breakfast to keep the metabolism going. We have Brahman and Brahman cross cattle because our high summer temps affect other breeds too much. I do love your woolly white/cream calf though!

  6. Derrick Sorry Lol

    Mr. H. Thank you we try very hard.They are cute.

    Heritage Farmgirl.Thanks Yes they know what is good for them. In Ontario also.

    BumbleVee I know and I am going to try the recipe.Thanks fro caring.

    Robyn Your cattle are very exotic I love their look.

  7. The calves are looking so good.

    Beaut pic the deer tracks/tyre marks.

    LOL, you could always pop a little choc to melt on top of your porridge ;-)

  8. Oh these calves are so cute mi fanno tenerezza I want to hug them

  9. moooo! oh i love cows.. they are the dickens


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