Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Change in Morning Routine!

"The old order changeth, yielding place to new."

 OK. I am a creature of habit, but sometimes "life throws a monkey wrench in your plans."
 My mornings have been the same for a while now. I get up in the dark, make a coffee, go to the computer. At first light, I go out to feed Calico Cat then start the tractor. I return to make oatmeal and enjoy it while reading or writing. I enjoy this routine it is comfortable.
 This morning I go to start the tractor," rr rrr" no go. It seems our power outage yesterday had shut down the timer for the block heater. This means I have to wait one, or probably two hours ( as it is very cold) to try and start it again. It is a good thing I always over feed our cows and they have lots to eat.
 Since I have already "thrown my routine out the window" I go all out, and cook eggs for breakfast. BumbleVee will be very happy. It is better then chocolate. Protein.
 I enjoy my eggs as I write this post. I want to be back in the bush this feels very strange.
 I feel lost. I flip through recipe book to find a recipe for date squares. My Hero has been asking for them. I definitely have time.
 I will go start my tractor, let it warm-up, then head back to the bush, my snowshoes behind the seat. "Better late then never."
 Change is OK. I decide to post this while I am waiting. Now to those squares.



  1. I know how you feel, we have a pretty schedualed routine around our place too and once we get off track it messes the whole day up.:)

  2. enjoy those date squares! care to share your recipe?

  3. We got to share the date squares, yum!

  4. Cold morning and lots of snow here in Ontario. A northerly storm set in last night bringing cold temperatures, strong winds and snow. Tractor started , truck did not. Go figure!

    Routine or not to have a routine! What is a routine with animals? I compare it to computer files.There are always sub-files and that is the off direction we take in our morning routine.

    Good you had a fill in occupation!
    My foot was crushed in a hockey game last December. Same foot I fell on ice going down into the dairy the week before.It has taken a year to heel and I need artificial aches for the rest of my life.

    Oh life! Enjoy :)

  5. hey!! alright...!! a healthy breakfast....good for you...I am pleased....hahahhahha.....

    I haven't made any date squares for ages....I think there was a recipe on my blog ages ago..maybe I better look for I can make some too. I put things on there and then forget about them...but, I may or may not even have the recipe written, I have to go back to my own blog.... what a nut case eh?

    Today...I made a "sponge"... which a British gal has been talking about on her blog. Oh, man... how difficult is it to bake anything when you have to weigh and measure all the ingredients? No wonder a lot of them don't bake or cook.... it is soooo much easier with a set of measuring cups and spoons. And... now...I know that 100 grams of butter is 1/2 a cup... as is 100 grams of sugar.... I just wrote it out so it is easier for me and I can make again some day.... with only one bowl and spoon instead of several for measuring and holding..oh, and then mixing too....what a shamozzle ...


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