Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Farming at –34c !

      “ And he gave it his opinion, that whoever could make two ears of corn,
      or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of the ground
     where only one grew before,
     would deserve better of mankind and do more essential service to his country,
     than the whole race of politicians put together.”

  Monday morning.

 It is a very beautiful sunny morning. The house is a little cool, but comfortable. My Hero tells me his truck barely started, as it is very cold outside.
 There is not even any frost, which surprises me; it is even too cold for that.
 I better have my oatmeal and go see if my tractor will start. I have to do the chores.
 I open the door just a little; the air so cold it takes my breath away. I cannot believe the bitter cold rushing in.
  It sounds like something is running outside; I know it is not the tractor.
 It seems the cold air keeps the sounds of the highway far away low to the ground. I hear the engines roaring and the pounding of tires on the pavement. It is very loud; I cannot believe it is not my tractor running. It seems so close.

The –34c is with the wind chill. The thermometer on my Jeep reads –27c. I am glad for the Jeep on these days, it is built for days like this .It starts right up and I can drive it into the bush.
 I could not get the tractor started, diesel engines prefer the warmer days. I will leave it plugged in.
 I rush back to check the cows, and the eight calves we have now. We have homemade hats on two calves that had the misfortune of being born on the weekend. Their ears are delicate and need protecting.
 Everyone is fine the calves are laying along side their mothers, safe and warm. They are all lying on a thick bed of bedding we have on the ground. My Hero had put extra down, expecting the cold. The feeders are still half full, and there are extra good bales on the ground. The stream is still running.
 Fabio and New Year are running around. The sunny side of the cedars is surprisingly warmer.
 I walk around with the five layers I am wearing, I am warm, and my face is not. It feels like it will crack if I smile. I will wear a balaclava when I come back in a couple of hours.
 I am checking to make sure the special hats are on the new calves; sometimes the Mom’s do not like them. I am also checking to make sure no one will be having a calf soon.
 When I can get the tractor started I will bring back more hay, and bedding and do a check again.
 I will handle anything that I have to handle the weather does not stop the routine; but it may change the way I have to do it.
 It is supposed to warm-up and snow this afternoon.
 Oh I love farming in the winter.



  1. I'm full of admiration for anyone who can work outside in such conditions. We had -14C at Christmas - the worst cold I've known in my life. I don't wish to be that cold ever again!

  2. I won't complaint anymore when is 19 degrees outside and I'm going to work in a warm building. Please stay protected since frostbites can happen without one knowing.

  3. aww, I love thinking of newborn calves wearing funny little hats. I'm with Marianne and Claud...in much admiration for you!

  4. You are one tough gal...love your daily quote. I must say that I have never heard of cows wearing hats?

  5. Sorry Buttons forgot to check in with you. It was -42C with the wind shield here Monday morning. My feet and hands froze literally while milking. the milk is warm but then the hand gets cold, over and over again. I no longer have nice nails as the have cracked due to the cold. And snow!! Not sure when it will stop.


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