Monday, January 3, 2011


 “ There are no facts,
     only interpretations.”
         Friedrich Nietzsche
Nice work! My Hero works way to hard.
  After a leisurely Sunday breakfast I head down to the bush to check out the cedars My Hero had been working on New Years Day. There is not a trace of snow anywhere.

Looks like a park now. Can you believe it is Jan 2.

  Following a trail of feathers I head down Gracie’s Lane. At first I thought they were turkey feathers, but now I am not too sure, they are only five inches long, they seem too small.

Maybe partridge?

 I continue following the feathers scattered about, they are getting smaller, and more like pinfeathers so I  soon realize they are not just dropped feathers.

                                               They lead to this tree then, no more feathers

 I guess the mystery, will stay a mystery, I hope to find out what kind of bird it was, by taking some feathers to the house and doing some research.
 I am reminded many things in Nature do not end with a happy ending. Nature can be cruel. I see many remnants of different animal meals spread through the bush.

Jawbone of cow. Something nibbling on it.

A part of a  large bird's eggshell. Turkey?
  Sitting on another rock thinking of this mystery I have lost all concept of time. I carry a cell phone with me in case of emergencies, always hoping it never rings.
 This is a beautiful spot just off the lane. I call these “Gods Rocks” so My Hero will not try to move them with the backhoe. This has worked so far.

   I should be heading back the dark clouds are looming, it looks like rain, or maybe it will snow.
  It has been two hours of heaven in the bush.
   Back at  the house, I was looking  through some bird books when My Hero returns, he asks, “Did you see the new heifer calf?” Apparently I was so busy exploring, I did not notice one had been born and  I had missed it. I will see her in the morning when I go back to feed the cows. My Hero goes back to work; my vacation is over.

 If anyone can tell me what kind of bird the feathers come from I would be happy.Thank you.



  1. That looks a lot like a partridge feather. See what others think.

  2. they maybe be bluejay. love the photos and stories. need to maybe look at the snowshoes, myself


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