Friday, January 7, 2011

Fungi Art.! ( photo Fridays)

Fungus- plant without leaves, flowers, or roots, such as a mushroom or mould. (Plural Fungi)
                                                                                         Websters Dictionary. 

I read this meaning wondering where the word beauty was. This is truly one of Nature's most  mysterious forms of art.
 I have never passed a fungus in the bush that was not noteworthy.

The fallen trees in the bush provide a pallet for this work. Even the smallest fungus has a very distinct look.

                                                  Some; No bigger than my thumb.
 It is January; normally I would not have even seen these treasures. They would have been covered by snow.
 The dark damp wood, and the brilliant green moss seem to make the fungus reach out to you. It makes itself known.

 From  beautiful to the just plain eerie. This is a gigantic, old puffball it is very different and not as appealing but still Fungi Art.

 I took these just days before it snowed here. I went back to see if anything was still showing, Here is what I found.

 Well I hope you enjoyed my version of art. I am so happy that I never ignore what Mother Nature has for us.
 If you like this let me know.



  1. Aw Buttons, I love your fungi art ... even that big old puffball has a quirky "beauty in it's ugliness" charm to it!

  2. Great pics. Though I can't look at them in quite the same way since Sara cooked up a puffball this past year. Let's just say, we had leftovers :)

  3. puffballs fascinate me for some reason. love your pics and thx for sharing your walk in the woods, Buttons.

  4. Wow...awsome. :)

  5. I love fungi art, too! And I thoroughly enjoy scrolling down and looking at more of your beautiful photos of your farm and your bush. Certainly, our lives are very different because this morning I walked through my neighborhood on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains and photographed a deer that was keeping pace with me. Now, this afternoon, we are heading to the harbor and beach to watch the two tall mast ships that docked there this morning. But we do have much in common--our love of nature!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. Occasionally I (or my daughters) will post on the simplepleasuresmagazine blog as well. Happy Weekend to you!

  6. I love taking photos of the natural world, too. I really like the snow covered fungi, beautiful.

  7. Your photos are very creative and beautiful. I'm glad you can enjoy being a farmer. My husband is an ag banker and knows that farming can be a difficult lifestyle to sustain. May your endeavors be blessed...... Denise

  8. Susan; Thank you I love the puffball too.

    Derrick; again with the awful tasting puffball? lol

    Marianne; Thank you

    Willow; I would love to see your mountains sounds beautiful.The tall ships would make a wonderful pic. The same but different that is what is great about blogging. Meeting others. Thank you

    Shelly; Nature gives us the most wonderful things to observe. Thank you.

    Denise; It is a hard life sometimes but the good always out weighs the bad. Thanks for your blessing and comment.

  9. Opps...guess I've already mentioned my dislike for puffballs huh?

  10. AuntieMB glad for your support. xxoo


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