Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looking to a New Adventure!

" So many worlds, so much to do,
So little done, such things to be."

 Now that we finally have some snow. I am looking forward to trying out these snowshoes I received from a friend.
 To be able to hike through my bush, no matter how much snow, gets me very excited.
 I will be able to take photos of my view of Nature at it's best.
 I will put them in the tractor, and then once my chores are done I will head out to the wilderness. I can't wait.
 This will make photo Fridays more attainable. Thank you my friend.I will let you know how I did.
 Life is about new adventures. Never be afraid to try.



  1. They are saying more snow tomorrow! :)

  2. Ahhh brilliant! But... please do remember where the ponds are and perhaps go around unless they have been frozen for weeks... must be lovely to just stand there in such peace and quiet.... not a sound except perhaps a cow or calf ... maybe some twigs rustling.... wonderful. It is the reason I love golfing on the course that I go is miles away from anything.... and so quiet..... love it.

  3. wow, I look forward to sharing your snowshoe adventures vicariously!

  4. Sara it is snowing Yeah!

    BumbleVee Yes I will avoid the ice I learned that lesson the hard way.

    Dmarie I will post my snowshoeing this weekend.

    Thanks for reading my blog

  5. Looking forward to seeing the great tracks that you'll be photographing...while leaving great tracks!

  6. Derrick I will post this weekend good luck tomorrow.Had a snowshoe buddy today.Purple suit mean anything to you.Thanks for the encouragement.


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