Friday, January 28, 2011


" When I play with my cat,
who knows if I am more of
a pastime to her than she is to me."
                                    Michel De Montaigne

 Meet Mollee the newest member of our family. M's new kitten. She has had her for a few weeks now.

 It appears Mollee has taken a real shine to the T.V. remote.

 Or maybe she is just letting M know who has all the control now.

  First your heart, then the remote, then everything else.
 Cats unlike dogs; own you. They establish this early in the relationship.



  1. Lol, I'm just about to scrap a layout on my cat Maddy. Still deciding on photos that characterise what an inquisitive, involved farm animal she is. Think I'll have to print one that is still stored on the computer!

  2. Such a cute kitty! Our Harley~Cat had some Doritos tonight as a snack with hubby, cause NOBODY eats Doritos if your not going to share with Harley...end of

  3. I love cats! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Awww -- that remote must be warm! That is so cute. I love me some kitties!

  5. Miss Molly is beautiful! Kittens bring so much joy and I miss having one. I'm trying to type this comment as my big boy makes himself comfy on my lap. Got to love him!

  6. Oh how sweet is that cat :) You certainly captured it well.

  7. oh, what a little cutie .... absolutely steal your heart don't they?

  8. too cute! nice little addition to the family farm!

  9. adorable. You just want to reach out and hug her!

  10. Oh I LOVE her! We have 7 fur babies ourselves *heart* She is just adorable! I'll bet you can't resist lovin her up :-)



  11. That little Fuzz Face Kitteh is smiling in the last picture. Sweet.


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