Friday, January 21, 2011

Nature and Man-made The Perfect Combination! (Photo Friday)

" Great art is irrational as great music,
     It is mad with its own loveliness."
                        George Jean Nathan


        I have focused on something a little different this week. I would like you to look at man-made,
       and nature made. When the two come together the combination can be striking.


      Notice how the hardness of the metal and the softness of the snowflakes compliment each other.


      One falls from the sky a gift from nature. One takes much labour by man.


       Do you think this constitutes art? I do.


       Any thoughts?


       Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


       The contrast is wonderful.


       Which one is your favourite?


       I like this one.




  1. beautiful juxtapositions. and I love the way you can see individual snowflakes.

  2. Beautiful pictures, I like the 5th one best.:)

  3. the first one intrigues me most, 'cause I don't know what that is! but the links come a close second. thx for sharing!

  4. Beautiful pictures. i like the way you can actually see the snowflakes in some of these. you have a great camera. Happy Friday to you.

    Jessica, CA

  5. What we have to pick???

    I like 9.
    It looks like something i can relate on the farm although it is hard to tell if that is wood or metal! It looks like it is trying full force to keep the snow behind bars...........where it belongs!

  6. I like #1!, for some reason it made me think of the old song Leather & Lace....not sure why...hmmm

  7. Beautiful!
    My favourite is #5 ... it looks like it's waging a battle to keep its head above water ... er, ice!

  8. Great photos there..steady hand :)
    A great imagination you have :)

  9. I like the1st one you have taken it in a very frofessional way and my favorite one is the 5th one as I can see the shapes of the snow flakes

  10. Thanks everyone for the comments. I am thinking so far #5 is winning. It is one of my favourites. These pics are all of metal I was going to use the title White on Metal.Maybe that would have helped some of you. The first one is of an old mower, that is the guard for the blade. #9 was a fence of some kind. Look for more photo Fridays. I hope to keep you entertained. B

  11. #9 The guard/fence/grill is my favorite - these have such a purpose - they keep things in, or keep things out...but the snowflakes have no borders and they are free ;)to come and go as they please...

  12. My favs are the mower guards, recognizing them from farm days gone by, and #4, is that a come-along ring? love these, very insightful, you are.

  13. I like these! Seems like there is nothing colder than metal in the winter and it looks so strong set against the fragile snowflakes.


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