Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Pot! (On my mind)

"Life is a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces missing.”

   Seeing this discarded, old pot lying in the snow, I wonder. “Where has it come from?” “How long has it been laying here?”
 I came to the conclusion I will never know; I will enjoy it for the beautiful art it has become.



  1. It was probably someone's chamber pot that, with the installation of a bathroom, was no longer needed.


  2. What a find! I love old pots and like you, wonder the same things - where have they been, who they belonged to, why were they disposed. I would keep and make it a lovely addition to my yard if I was you.

  3. Is it ceramic? I love anything ceramic and have several very old pieces. Nice find!

  4. Lovely... perhaps sit a plant in it, or just keep it as it is.
    Always nice to find something like that!

  5. AH OH.... looks like someone came into their kitchen and found a pot boiled down with possible flames involved. It's a very stunning photo with the heat to cold comparison.

  6. each mark on a pot is from use or abuse... how long does it take for it to have such character?


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