Saturday, January 1, 2011

Roaring into 2011!

"Think that day lost whose (low)
descending sun
Views from thy hand no noble
action done."
                    Jacob Bobart

After a quiet evening at home, I awoke New Years Day to see My Hero had already started his day. I checked my email, while enjoying my first cup of coffee for 2011.
 I hear a roar, coming from the bush. It shatters the quietness of my morning. I decide to start my New Year with a hike to the bush, and to investigate the noise. I wanted to see what My Hero was up to back there. I grabbed some water and a snack for him, I don my rubber boots ( yes again) and off I go.
 I pass the cows they are lying down, which can only mean it is going to rain. They jump up fast, thinking I am an intruder.

   Fabio does not seem to mind the noise or my intrusion. He looks quite comfortable.

 It appears My Hero did not get my memo about not working so hard in 2011. He was using his brother D's wood chipper, chopping brush. He tries to keep the cedars trimmed high, so the cows and myself, can stand under and not get poked in the eye. It makes for better, and safer shelter for the cows.

The air is filled with the lovely aroma of the cedar. It is grand. I love this it reminds me of my Dad.
 He keeps working after a quick drink; I retreat into the bush.

  It is very damp but  unseasonably warm. I follow a cow path. The cows make hiking easier by making paths through the bush. They make very good trails.

 I sit on a rock in the middle of an island of rocks and trees. Even with the roar of the chipper it is still peaceful. I sit and  think about, how after all this year has thrown at me, just how happy I truly am.

   I move to go and sit by the stream, deeper into  the bush. I can hear the sweet sound of the water bouncing off the rocks; the constant roar in the distance, not interfering.



  1. Fabio is looking great, such a beautiful little fellow.
    Your photos convey happiness :)

  2. Thanks for taking me along for your work into the bush. :-) I felt your enjoyment of the outdoors. You mentioned several times about how the chipper didn't interfer with your enjoyment. Don't you think that was because it was your love who was working and there is a comfort in that? Your love is working, the smell of the outdoors, cedar and the sound of the creek..all comforting. Love your photos along the way too. Thanks! Oh...little Fabio is a cutie

  3. some of these photos could've been taken in similar to our terrain! absolutely fabulous capture of the shredded tree. thanks for sharing your gifts!


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