Friday, January 28, 2011

Rock Hunt! (photo Friday)

"It seems no work of man's creative hand
By labor wrought as wavering fancy planned,
But from the rock as if by magic grown,
Eternal, silent, beautiful, alone!"
                    John William Burgon

I have always been drawn to rocks.

The one whose pinks make me happy.

The massive never to be moved.

A hideaway for the rabbits. One peering out at me, then running back. A great place, where coyotes cannot get you.

The pinks and greens, beautiful.

Scattered through the bush, hidden under the deep snow only to be discovered in the spring melt.

A glimpse, leaving the rest to your imagination.

 The snow like white hats atop them.

Ones I would love to move to my house, but will not.

I do love to hunt for just the right rock.

The moss emerging in the cold.

You never know what you may find. 


  1. Those are beautiful. And so massive! I consider myself lucky to find one big enough to put in my rock garden. About the size of my hand.

  2. And they are probabely older than we could ever imagine. But that they could talk, just imagine the stories they would tell.

  3. love the pics- makes me look twice at the simple things around me

  4. oooh, you've saved the best for last. I'm a big rock fan too. If you ever get the chance, might visit Elephant Rock State Park in Missouri. (Hubby & I walked through it in the rain last year, which made it even more memorable.)

  5. How can you tell you live in the Canadian Shield? Beautiful pictures.

  6. My goodness you're creative with a camera! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.....Denise


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