Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowshoeing Day One!

 “I’ve taken my fun where I’ve found it.”

                          Rudyard Kipling

Wrong feet?
  My chores are done, I have an apple in my pocket to share with Bossy later and I head off into the bush. My new snowshoes strapped to my work boots.
 Learning curve not needed, just like my friend said, “ Just put them on and go, no training necessary.”
 I can hear the crunching of the leaves under foot. We only have a little snow but enough. The odd clang when I hit a rock or stone. “Bushwhacking” as my friend NDF has always called it. This is great.

 Over downed branches and trees. I am careful to avoid the ice. I learned that lesson the hard way.
 The birds are chirping “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee”, and the familiar squawking sound of the very noisy Blue Jays.
 I follow the deer tracks deeper into the bush. I wander aimlessly through the snow-covered trees. I am seeing what kind of manoeuvrability I have with these snowshoes. No problems I can go anywhere I want.

 The deer tracks lead to a fence. They have jumped over effortlessly. I will not try this yet. It will take some practice to not fall on my head. That has a definite learning curve.
 I do not get a lot of pics this time I was to busy enjoying the ride.
 Now that my practice hike is over. Please bring on the snow. I really enjoy these snowshoes. I am now hooked. Thanks Rick.
 I head back, munching on my apple. I go over to Bossy to give her the rest. She takes her head out of the sweet clover hay just long enough to enjoy.
 What a great Day.


 Snowshoeing Day Two!
Right Feet.
 It snowed all night. I awake early, posted my blog and had breakfast. I could not wait to get outside. I feed Calico Cat head back to feed the cows and check the new heifer calf. All is well.
 Strapping on the snowshoes (the right feet this time). I hear “Hey”, pretty sure the cows did not call me, I look all around.
 What a nice surprise; NDF has come back to meet me. We head back into my bush. Enjoying the snowshoes, the view, and catching up on our busy lives.
 I hardly notice that I am snowshoeing; it seems so effortless. The deeper snow does make a difference. I am enjoying this, side-by-side off we go.

 NDF and I head to the fence. She hops over and continues on her journey. We wave Good-bye.

 I head back to the tractor. I am enjoying the peace. No noise, no crunching of leaves, or clanging of rocks under my feet. Even the birds are absent in the falling snow. This is great fun.
 My cell phone rings, I hastily fumble through my pockets. A little panic, thinking it was about my (climb anything) Mom.
 I answer; “Hello, this is Rachel at cardholder services”! I hang up. Technology definitely has its downside.



  1. Be wary of that purple yeti in the woods.

  2. Nice snow shoes, how fun. My wife and I have thought about getting a pair many times but have yet to do so...we will though. Enjoy your new snow and shoes.

  3. What fun!! Looking forward to hearing more. Isn't that the most wonderful snow down now?

  4. these snow shoes looks cooool.. how nice if i can have a pair of these..

  5. Lol, bushwacking in Australia usually means you surprise someone and attack them. Love your photos as it's been over 20 years since I've been near snow.

  6. NDF I like purple.

    Mr. H you should get some they are great. I will.Thanks

    Sara Beautiful snow so worth the wait.I will keep you updated.

    Sheron You have the snow I am sure you will get some and have fun too.

    Robyn Wow that is different. Enjoy it is nice. Thank you

  7. Some pretty good looking tracks. Great to see you out there enjoying the snow. Just amazing conditions now.

  8. You have Yettis...purple ones??? :-)
    What a great adventure you've had. My Fibromyalgia would not allow me to go very far. :-( I'm envious

  9. Derrick Great snow. I love to see the tracks behind me. Shows me I can do anything I put my mind too.

    Debbie V. So far so good. As long as my legs still work I am going to go as long as I can.I will never give up. Only one purple Yettis that I know of.Lol.I wish you could do it too :.). I will think of you while I am out there.


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