Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Stream of Peace and Tolerance! (on my mind)

 “ I could never divide myself from any man upon the difference of an opinion,
or be angry with his judgement for not agreeing with me in that from which perhaps
 within a few days I should dissent myself.”

                                 Sir Thomas Browne

 Standing back in the snowy bush, I observe a wondrous site. Deer, cows, coyotes, racoons, fox, squirrels, and birds. Their tracks one atop the other.  All had been drinking out of the same stream.
 Blogging is very similar.
 Everyone has different beliefs, lifestyles, food preferences, views and ideas. Still they all share in the knowledge of others.
 Drinking out of the same stream of ideas regardless.
 Being respectful, and agreeing to disagree.
 Letting everyone have his or her drink in peace and tolerance.



  1. What a wonderful thought for us all to embrace. Amen.

  2. Your words are full of wisdom. We should all drink from such a stream.

  3. You are one of God's children....

  4. Tiny pockets of blogging are like that but I wish that tolerance would spread wider.

  5. Well said! How can we learn from each other without humility?

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    You sure are in the middle of winter by the looks of your beautiful photo's - I'm sure you will come to mind when I make my (snow-less!) winter zucchini soup in a few months time!

  7. Lovely thoughts. Thank you for sharing them.

  8. Beautiful.
    You have about the same amount of snow as we have.

  9. yeh.... like Rhonda Jean mentioned.... not all bloggers are tolerant... I've had to delete a few things.... especially at election time if I was stupid enough to express an opinion .... silly me....

    but, we sure do all learn from each other one way or the other....


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