Wednesday, January 5, 2011


“ Know the true value of time;
     snatch, seize and enjoy it.
 No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination:
    never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

   I drag myself out of bed this Tuesday morning. I am tired. It is snowing, I am not sure how much we will get but we will take whatever comes.
  I sit eating my breakfast before heading out to do the chores.
  I am hoping everything is great back there and I will get done quickly, I will also get some beautiful, white snowy pics. I will be looking for Sandy and anyone else who may have calved last night.
 I pick up a couple of bales to take back to the feeders. On my way I come to the culvert crossing our stream.

                                                        No!  you move!

 While Ernest and Bully were blocking my path, arguing who was going to move, all the time nibbling on the sweet second cut clover that I was trying to get back to the others, I sit and wait.
  I eventually realize I had to be the one to move. I backup, then wait to go around them, after they move off the culvert. I lift the bales in the air to see who was moving. I guess they show me who is the boss.

                                                               Still arguing! I go around.

  I drop the bales into the feeder, park the tractor and look for fresh tracks. I find these tracks; seeing there is a mother and a calf track I know all is well.

   It is a warmer day and absolutely beautiful. I enjoy my time taking pics as I go. There is no use wasting a good shot. I am not noticing my tiredness.

   I track the fresh tracks to Sandy and her calf she is heading to the watering hole. I see her but did not get close enough to see what kind of calf she has. I chose to let her go on her way and I would catch up with her later when she is done drinking. Seeing no other cow tracks; I continue to enjoy the beauty of the bush.

                         Sandy with her new calf. "Let me show you where the water is."

                                                            The watering hole.

  Finally I head back to the tractor and to check the other cows. Almost there, I come across Sandy and her calf. They had met up with New Year calf and her Mother. The Mom’s were comparing notes while the calves ate and enjoyed each other’s company.
 All is well. 

               Sandy is in the rear feeding her calf. New Year and Mom in front. It was a girl.

Back to the house. I drag myself back to bed.



  1. OOOOhhhhh, that must be cold.
    You did well to lift the bales.
    I do hope you slept well!

  2. Love the photos of the cows, I grew up on a farm with cows just like yours. Love the name of your blog as well.


  3. You did get some great snowy pics!
    The new calves are lovely.
    Bet you were glad to climb back into bed .. you earn your rest :)

  4. White angel Yes it is cold for you but actually rather nice for us. I imagine you are feeling the heat now. take care

    Brenda that is the name my Dad only ever called me it is my tribute to him. Thanks for reading.

    Susan Some days are just like that are they not? Thank you for all your great comments. Having more calves and they are so cute.


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