Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Very Hard Decision!

"Let us have faith that right makes might,
and in that faith let us,
dare to do our duty as we understand it." 

 We were forced into a decision, we should not have had to make. My neighbourhood, while doing the right thing, had to make. Shame on the person who made it our decision, instead of handling it himself or herself. I am talking about the person who dropped off a mother and her kittens on the side of the road.
 This is the story about Calico Cat a beautiful, terrified cat we have been trying to take care of  for weeks.
 She would meow and howl at your door, day and night; hoping you would open the door and let her in; yet  terrified you would open the door and let her in. She was freezing outside, not happy in the barn anymore. She needed human contact but was to afraid to let anyone get close to her. She was a house cat who was ill equipped to deal with the loneliness and the elements of the outdoors. She would stand at a distance while we would place food out for her, purring and meowing. If you tried to get near her she would run and leave the food. If we opened the door to the house she would run, only to return a little later, standing  in the cold, she would meow and purr. It was a pitiful site, very hard to watch.
 Since finding Calico Cat I have heard  more of the story, so we have pieced it together. My neighbour had been driving down the road very early one morning. She had seen something move on the side of the road. When she went over to see what it was, she found four kittens, they were freezing, one was frozen to the ice. She picked them up and took them home.She kept them warm and safe, till she decided  to take them to the  Humane Society later that morning. This was very hard on my neighbour but she knew it was the right decision.
 Since we knew Calico Cat would not survive in the elements a decision was made to trap her in a live trap.We put some food in the trap, it did not take very long before she was caught and taken to the Humane Society.
 A very hard decision one that had to be made. She will be warm and learn to trust again. She will be spayed and placed in a loving home. She was purring and happy to be in a warm place, maybe she will see her kittens.
  To the person (?) who chose to discard these cats like trash, alongside the road, you should  have taken them to the shelter, no questions asked. Shame on you.You had made the wrong decision.



  1. You made the right choice. It is hard but she will find a good home, and yes, shame on those who did this.

  2. Even thought it was a hard thing to do, it was the right thing to do. Poor mama kitty.

    People who do things like this should receive the very same treatment. These sort of people I term as "culls" and the world would be a better place without them <<< Grrrrrr.....>>>>

    We have cats show up all the time, dropped off like trash. We've fed some to keep them around as barn cats, we've even taken some( once tamed down) to have them spayed/ neutered.

    Thank you for helping this mama cat, praying she finds a good home.

  3. You did the right and humane thing, absolutely! And...what a shame you had to worry and fret over the poor cat and the whole situation.
    People!! Nobody more cruel than people.. my Mom used to say that all the time! Some days I could just throttle them all!

    My sister has the same thing happening all the time too ...with cats and dogs because she is in a rural area as well. Everybody thinks the farmers just take them all in and are fine with it.. what idiots. Who can keep taking in animals every other week?

    And...have you see the name Abi on my comments on occasions? She DOES take them all in... who knows where that will end? Oklahoma where she now lives after moving from Texas... poor girl.. she had two pigs wander if from a neighbouring farm...whose owners didn't want them if you please, so turned them loose to fend for themselves. So... she even had an enclosure built for the darn pigs..and now has two pet pigs too.... never ends with her... "they", (those who drop off animals) and her miserable neighbours too, seem to find her no matter where she moves to.. I've lost count of her cats and dogs...

  4. I'm so glad there are people like you in the world as well. Lucky Ms.Cat.

  5. It's utterly appalling discarding cats (any animals) like that. If they survive they just continue to breed and become a menace. We have enormous feral cats roaming the bush as a result of cat dumping.
    I agree, if they'd just drop them off at a shelter - take responsibility for goodness sake.

    Good on you Buttons, and, as if you haven't got enough to do, looking after your own animals.

  6. All our cats are road side drop offs. Usually with kittens in belly.people think that dairy farms are great dentitions as they will be warm and bellies full of milk. In fact they become a hazard as they get in the way and often stepped on by cows. Every year we have to bring a bunch of new ones to the animal shelter and pay for them being spayed before adopted. It is costly but someone will have a nice pet.

  7. I do identify with your post, thanks for letting me know about it.

    With dealing with the stray dog this week, which I've just posted about, I had a similar decision to make.
    I find it so upsetting that people treat animals as disposable.
    I also got upset at having to take on the responsibility of making that decision, it can be really tough.
    Our stray, who we think was dumped, wouldn't come near at first but this week came to me. I'm hoping that by giving him affection he has cheered up and will be easier to re-home. I just hated that I had to make the decision to take him to the pound where there is a small risk that he might not be re-homed and might have to be put to sleep.
    At least he got over his trauma and could trust me. It is so sad when, like Calico the scars go very deep.
    Yet, rather than despair over those who cause such misery to animals, its best to appreciate that there are those, like you, and me, that can help restore and bring help to those animals who are abandoned.

  8. That's just awful - lucky there are people like you around that do take responsibility.

  9. Hello everyone I just wanted to say thank you for your comments. I must mention my neighbour took Calico Cat into the shelter and left a donation. I don't think I could have done it myself. I probably would have been too upset. I never go in there. It makes me very sad. I am glad they could do it.I thank them.


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