Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well Prepared and Realization!

“ If we are well prepared, we can enjoy the slower pace of the winter.”
                                                 Buttons (Me)
   This quote from an earlier post (Oct. 1st. Amazing) has me thinking. “Slower Pace?”

  After throwing four loads of wood into the basement, My Hero and I. He never wants to stop at two like I do. I go and sit down to relax. Looking out the back window, watching it snow; I start to think; I know we were well prepared, but I am not sure where my day goes. It seems, I am running all the time but not accomplishing what I have meant too.
  I start my day very early every morning. You all know the routine with the chores, hiking and snowshoeing, and blogging. I have never told you about the rest of my day.
 Just like everyone else I do laundry, vacuum, cook, dust, clean and etc. etc. The everyday mundane chores; of most average homemakers.
 Like many of you, I also have a fulltime job (farming) so I never seem to be able to make enough time in the day. My job is not a regular 9 to 5 job so I do these household chores at varying times. Sometimes-strange hours.
  While I am lucky enough to be able to make time to do the things I like, hiking, blogging and now snowshoeing. I seem to do this by neglecting other things.

 Sliding back the quilted cover on my sewing machine: I blow the dust away, I had big plans to do more quilting. I have lots of ideas. I love working with my machine, and I do love sitting in my kitchen, in the sun, creating and sewing. No time.
 I was going to visit friends, catch up on things I missed through our busy summer. I have visited a few but rush, as I am always thinking of what I have neglected back home.
 I have finally come to the realization that: I will not obsess over dust, or clutter in the drawers, fingerprints on the windows, or dust bunnies under the beds. I will not worry if I only do the laundry once a week, or leave dishes in the sink. I will not obsess about the floors being spic, and span, trying to have the perfect spotless house.
 I have never heard of anyone dying by hand of dust bunny.
 The chores will get done; meals will get on the table, the house will not fall apart. And I will be back in my bush enjoying my life without quilt.



  1. Flex hours are great to be able to work around all great things in life. I love it.

    ...and, yes a tidy, spotless home is very much over-rated. Especially if it's at the expense of spending time outdoors.

    Gotta run, the trails are calling.

  2. Amen! and I'll add that after we go do Cortney's cleaning and cooking job, I seem to have less fizzle to get my own done*wink* Don't get me wrong, it gets done but just not on as strict a schedule as we used to have. With age, I find myself mellowing, LOL!!!! Maybe it's really getting lazy*wink*, but truly I feel it is that I've finally organized my priorities in life :o)


  3. Dear Button,for me I like when my house cleen and tidy but some time when I work and with the schedule I can't keep my house in to a perfect condition during the period I work I just do mostly basic stuffs but when I get my holidays I do keep everything in oder : deep kleening the house, sewing, creating new stuff , trying new recipes ect. I agree with your Idea that we should reconize the priorities


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