Friday, February 4, 2011

The Barn! (Photo Friday)

" A man's barn bespoke his worth as a man.
It expressed his earthly aspirations and
symbolized the substance of his legacy
to his children."
                               Bill N. Lacy

          A barn was a symbol of prosperity. There is to this day a pride of ownership in most barns.

A family would invest all their time, and money into the family barn.

   It was not uncommon to see plumbing in the barn and all the latest conveniences. This was not always true of his home.

             It was his livelihood and provided him and his family sustainability and prosperity.

 It was the center of celebration, and socializing in a community, with fiddlers and square dancing, when the work was done.

                    It was a place of intense labour, and many accomplishments.

     You will see these masterpieces dotting the countryside of many areas today. They were built to last.

  They are truly a work of art. Their age, enhancing their beauty.

 Take time to truly look at these pieces of history in your surrounding neighbourhoods. Remember the struggles of the 
families then, and now trying to keep them.

                   Let them not be forgotten.



  1. I have so many memories of barns. I spent a lot of time playing in them, and working in them. I can still see the cats lined up in the loft watching us as we brought them some food. It saddens me now to drive through the country and see them falling down because no one farms anymore...I hope that changes.

  2. Very nice post. Masterpieces indeed. Beautiful photos.

  3. This is a lovely post. And so true that any extra money would be put into keeping up the barns. I love these photos and your writing.


  4. Thank you for giving me a whole new perspective on barns. Wonderful photos.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love old barns. Sadly a lot of them are being taken down here in Tennessee.

  6. Beautiful! Longing for the day when our barn will finally be built. Growing up on a large dairy farm, I know well the abundant joy that a barn brings. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ooooh, I absolutely love barns!
    If you're on Facebook, you might want to go to my montanaprairiemom page where I have posted several barns photos.
    Yours are absolutely breathtaking!.........Denise

  8. there was an article in the paper this morn about a push to get more "quilt art" hanging on barns in Kentucky. Nice little addition, I'd say, but barns are lovely all on their own. Thx, Buttons!

  9. I love this post. So glad you found Farm Friend Friday. I would be thrilled for you to join us next week. Tell your friends-everyone is welcome on a farm--right? :) I’m joining up to follow Buttons Thoughts.
    Have a great weekend,

  10. hi there, i am your newest follower and found you on farm friend friday. i love old barns. i psoted about my farm ancestors and there are old barns in my pics you might enjoy. lookng forward in following you! btw, your cow babies are so sweet! i want to hug them all!

  11. Beautiful post.
    I fully agree.
    I am surrounded by historic, hard working barns here in Vermont.
    Come visit when you have a chance

  12. Absolutely wonderful & beautiful series of barns... to think some are left to rot in fields, today.

    Won't you swing by & check out Barn Charm & maybe link up so that others can see these beauties, too?

  13. My hubby and I had our reception in our barn! It had almost been lost in a fire 30 years prior when my husband was a child and his grandparents owned the farm.I have wonderful childhood memories of playing and working in my families two barns. The cats, the hay mows, the quiet cozy silence on a cold winter night with only the sound of cattle chewing hay. Priceless,


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