Monday, February 7, 2011

The Door!

       " But the artist appeals to that part of our being
       Which is not dependent on wisdom;
       to that in us which is a gift and
       not an acquisition-- and,
       He speaks to our capacity for delight and wonder,
       to the sense of mystery surrounding our lives:
       to our sense of pity,
       and beauty, and pain."

           Joseph Conrad

 I have been admiring this door in the middle of a vast, open field for years. It has always had me questioning its origin.
 I was thinking about it again on the weekend, My Hero, being ever the hero, decides to take me for a drive so I could get a photo.

 Simple, complex, intriguing!

 It is truly a work of art by some unknown and not to be recognized genius.
 "What does it mean?"
 "Could it be a door to another world?" A world of peace and compassion, the gateway to someone's bliss.
 "Could it mean new beginnings?" A doorway to unlimited opportunities and possibilities.
 "Could it just be the start of a dream for someone?" A new house, that dream never to materialize.
 Yes a simple doorway leading to endless meanings and conclusions.
  The artist is still unknown and I will probably never know who he is or what he was trying to portray.
 Maybe that was his goal. To always question its meaning and to use our imaginations. In this case he has succeeded in his quest.

 "Where do you think this door leads?"
 "What do you think the artist was saying?"

 I like to think of it as a doorway to a world much like this one, but with no sickness, loneliness, jealousy, greed, or hunger. A place where everyone is treated the same, and there is only laughter and joy, and no tears and bitterness.



  1. Interesting and strange. "Art" can be like that sometimes. Makes me wonder if a tornado came through and that's all she left. (It's early and I'm sleep deprived this morning. Forgive me.)

  2. We have door's like that here in NS, although most I have seen also have a staircase with the door at the top.
    Maybe its how to get to Narnia....

  3. Very intriguing. I want to think that someone will someday, build his dream home there and enter a whole new world of mystery. This 'art' is so captivating, like a giants chair in the middle of a tall forest.

  4. Maybe you should leave a note on the door 'came to visit but you were not home' and see what kinda reply you get.

  5. Nancy You never know.I have never seen one in this area but you never know lol. Get some sleep.

  6. Farmer I love the thought of Narnia. Wish this one had a staircase that would be very cool.

  7. Dar yes it is very intriguing. Maybe it is a door with hopes of a new house poor guy now I am sad for him it has been many years like this.

  8. Claud That is so funny.I love that idea.

  9. It would be very hard for me not to open it and walk through.:)

  10. So fun! You do find wonderful quotes Buttons.

  11. I hope it's not the dream of a house that never materialized, that would be too sad. When I look at it though it seems more like art to me. I hope so anyway :)

    I love the idea of leaving a note, that could be a lot of fun!

  12. Maybe there was a house behind it at one time...... or maybe like a few other have said.... a hope of building behind it.

    Ever the practical me wants to is it anchored? Must be solid if it has been there years.... is there a step or stoop of some sort under it? ... posts...cement?....

    yep.... leave a note...or place different wreaths at holidays or special times..... lol.........

  13. What cross my thoughts?

    "KOCK, KNOCK".
    "WHO'S THERE"?

  14. How intriguing! I like your take on its symbolism :)


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